Revamping your office space has so many advantages for your business. From making employees more productive at work, to providing employees with a more desirable working environment and generally improving workplace happiness for all, it’s an investment that’s definitely worth making. Fortunately, there are many different ways that you can improve your office space and make it more modern and function better, without breaking the bank, here’s a few tips and tricks to help:

Add Copper Accents

The most on trend interior metal of the moment is copper and adding accessories with a copper tone to your office is a fast track to making your office look more modern in an instant. From copper plant pots to lamps and pen pots for desks, there are so many ways that you can add touches of copper to your office space to give it a modern twist. Copper kitchenware is also bang on trend so if you really want to impress why not get some copper cutlery or copper mugs to style up the kitchen area.

Buy Office Plants

Never before have botanicals been so in fashion. Beautiful, luscious green plants are everywhere at the moment from trendy shops to restaurants and bars, and now your office space. With so many different ways to display plants, there’s a place for them in every office from on top of desks to in the kitchen area and even in the bathrooms. From cactus plants to hanging baskets and desk based plants, a cute plant is a sure way to brighten up an office space.

All White Everything

White desks, white walls, white stripped floorboards, white is most definitely the office colour of the moment and instantly updates your office space making it look bang on trend and not mention tons more spacious. Break up the space with sliding doors to increase the new spacious illusion that a white themed office space gives off, at Barrier Components you’ll find a range of doors that will be just perfect.White desks are a must and a cheap way to update yours is by giving current desks a lick of paint, white floorboards can be done just as easily by ripping up those old carpets you’ve got and sanding down the floorboards then painting over white for a look that’s office shabby chic.

With all these ways to instantly update your office space, you’ll have a on trend office space that all your employees love in no time, without it costing too much