There are plenty of different businesses which could benefit from an injection of innovative technology. Given that the rate of technological progression is getting faster each year, the introduction of new cutting edge solutions in the workplace is becoming common, and business owners need to adopt an open mind to keep their various business operations efficient and effective.

Here are some of the ways to revolutionise your business through technology.

The Workplace

It makes sense to first start with the physical space in which the people within your business operate. There are many different ways you can revolutionise the office (or space in which you work) using technology, one of which is through the actual office design and management itself.

The software which exists to help with this is incredibly sophisticated, and it is now possible to create innovative designs which maximise its overall efficiency and attractiveness as a workspace. You could also look into companies which can help with real estate management, such as GVA, who can help you evolve your office/work space.


There is no doubting that apps are a revolutionary technological step forward which will change the way businesses operate for the foreseeable future. There are now apps which employees can use to book meeting rooms and manage their day more efficiently, which cuts down on the chances of human error and adds much more flexibility to the workplace.

Through EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), you can integrate apps into your current systems and use them to improve productivity and reduce the chances of human error occurring. This could make a significant difference in the long run, and could well stimulate a great deal of growth if business processes are significantly shortened and enhanced.


The way businesses market themselves has come a long way since the days of handing out leaflets and relying on word of mouth. Now, social media is dominating the marketing sphere, with countless businesses now spreading the word through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other assorted sites.

As such, social media can easily be used to revolutionise your business, as it allows you to access a myriad of potential customers for free, and can help you keep them updated on the business.

Technology is the future of all businesses, so it should not be taken lightly. Be sure to look into which technology can be integrated into your business so that you can revamp and improve it significantly.