How to Save Money While Renting a Satellite Phone and Reasons to Rent a Satellite Phone


Emergencies or disasters wreak havoc in every aspect. Communication disruption in such situations can cause more panic and distress. To be able to know the whereabouts of people or to pass on important information, we need stable communication access that can withstand any calamity. Our regular mobile phones function with the network architecture of towers. When in remote areas or in case of emergency, connectivity becomes an issue. Cellular mobile phones rely on terrestrial towers for receiving signals and functioning. But satellite phones rely on satellite communication for making calls and sharing locations. Providers like rent the satellite phones at the best base prices. 

Reasons to Rent a Satellite Phone


Do you live in an area that is prone to natural calamities or a geographically sensitive area? In case of emergency situations or evacuation, communication becomes difficult as the cellular network is dependent on terrestrial towers- the ones which might get heavily affected in case of turbulence. A satellite phone comes in handy in situations like these. Unlike the cellular mobile networks, sat phones function by receiving signals from satellites that orbit around the earth. No matter where the user is stuck, they can share their whereabouts and location with their emergency contacts. The trackability and GPS location transmission help the user trigger a panic alarm and send an alert to the emergency contacts when in distress. 

International connectivity

Satellite phones have international numbers with Direct Inward Dial feature. Through this feature, the user gets trunk lines- a feature that allows the customer to get a call from a number through one of the private lines (multiple numbers) assigned and later over dial using the actual device number. However, some satellite phone providers offer U.S. and Canadian numbers based on the plan subscribed. Generally, a call to a satellite phone from public networks costs a huge amount of money- as high as $10 per minute. The charges vary depending on the price plan and carrier. For economical pricing, users can make sure that the carrier has Direct Inward Dial and overdial features. 

Emergency Dial

Satellite phones work just fine irrespective of the situations and locations (may vary depending on the dead spots like trees, jungles, and mountains, etc.). During any emergency or natural calamity, when the cellular network is disrupted, satellite phones come to the rescue. With the help of these phones, users can call the nearest medical facility or police without any difficulties or network issues. Satellite phones come in handy in case of emergencies that need immediate assistance.


For someone who’s equipped with the knowledge of how to use regular mobile phones, using a satellite phone is a cakewalk. It is just like a regular mobile phone with advanced integrations and a different handset design. Compared to regular mobile phones, these phones are smaller, light-weighted, and come with a different antenna, soft buttons, and options. However, these mobile phones allow the optimization of the user’s current location and satellite by tracking the exact location of the user using GPS. 

Remote connectivity

Satellite phones offer better remote connectivity when compared to traditional cellular mobile. The signal strength and connectivity depend on the satellite constellation design or geostationary orbit of the satellite. As mentioned above, excluding the dead spots– the areas that are not clearly covered by satellites– these phones offer connectivity in remote locations with much more efficiency. 

How to Save Money While Renting a Satellite Phone?

Renting a satellite phone always aids us in security and connectivity aspects. However, just like every other network, satellite phones have air plans through which users can recharge the mobile plan and make the best use of the phone. It might be a tempting choice to own a satellite phone than renting one. However, owning a satellite phone will be beneficial only when you stay out of cellular network radar for a longer period of time. Cellular networks have been expanding to many places– in recent years even to some selected remote locations, the tower connectivity has been set up. To save money, renting a satellite phone for the specific need of the time is always an ideal option.

Here are some of the ways to save money while renting a satellite phone

Rent the phone for a defined period of time

Even if a user rents the phone for a shorter period of time, delays or early returns based on one’s schedules decide whether a user will be charged with a late fee or not. Generally, people who rent satellite phones inform the duration without accounting the unforeseen situations. Sometimes a user might be struck in situations when they cannot return the phone on-time. In such cases, they will be charged a late fee and the amount exceeds as the number of days extends. It is better to rent the phone for 9 to 10 days, which is ideally cheaper than paying a late fee.

Buy prepaid minutes

The base rate minutes of every satellite phone varies. Whenever you buy a bundle of prepaid minutes, the base rate minutes go down as they are purchased in bulk by the user. The rates go higher if you opt for the ‘pay as you go’ feature. It is always better to buy the prepaid minutes in advance to avoid spending more money.

Choose the right satellite phone

As mentioned above, not all satellite phones work in every region. It is important to choose the right satellite phone based on your location and no of days of stay. For instance, Iridium satellite phones work almost everywhere. As long as the region legally supports the usage of satellite phones and has a clear sky, users can make a call without any interruptions.

Wrapping up

There are many factors like airtime plans, rollover minutes, ease of use, geographic coverage, Bluetooth, WiFi and data compliances, etc., to be considered while selecting a satellite phone. So before you rent a satellite phone, analyze the above-mentioned factors along with your budget. Switch to renting satellite phones and save money.