Don’t have a ton of dollars to spend on your marketing? No worries, you can still scale your marketing on a low budget with some simple, yet effective ideas.

Create YouTube Videos Yourself


Video content can be really eye catching. It is true that it can be expensive to produce professional grade YouTube videos. However, you can still produce videos that are of pretty good quality, all by yourself. There are literally thousands of success stories of brands that have had a tremendous boost to their marketing efforts by way of a single, well-made YouTube video. Filmora Video Editor, Magisto, Video Toolbox, Wevideo, and YouTube Editor are some of the best software available to help you with this.

Utilize Ad Promo Credits


It may well be true that large scale ad campaigns are not within your reach. However, often you find coupons and discounts around for paid Google ads or Facebook ads. There are some web hosting services which bundle along discount codes with their hosting offerings. Try these and even with a limited digital marketing budget, you should be able to more than get by. Moreover, you can use remarketing to increase ROI of your adwords campaign.

Leverage the Power of Reddit


Reddit is a social network that can be a powerful medium, if used thoughtfully. Reddit audience is tech savvy and pushes back severely to any obvious marketing tactics. In order to win at a Reddit campaign, you should only share content that is truly incredible and post that only to completely niche areas. There is a subreddit category for unicycles, one for SEO and so on – you get the picture.

Use Social Networking


Participate in big social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest with your business accounts. Create a social media management team and leverage the power of teamwork to reach potential audiences. While it may sometimes seem that it can be difficult to differentiate yourself in the flood of activity on social media, ultimately great content, products and services do go viral on them. Facebook marketing has proven to be invaluable particularly for small businesses. Pinterest is great for visual content driven marketing. Look to repurpose content and use in different formats across platforms – for instance, screenshots from your YouTube video as Instagram photos.

Publish Quality content


Even if your marketing budget is low, you should not find it too difficult to have a blog hosted on a website and publish some high-quality blog articles. Articles like tips, best practices, expert’s word work great for blogs and can be invaluable in terms of pulling in prospects. Remember, the current setup of Google’s algorithm favours quality content, first and foremost. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone.

Use StumbleUpon Advertising


StumbleUpon brings you a platform for paid search discovery. It is quite inexpensive when compared to other paid advertising options. Base prices start at 10 cents per click with +2 cents for gender targeting, age targeting and device targeting. Paid discovery directly delivers audiences to your site without clicking through links or ads. In order to tap StumbleUpon best, you need to use the right targeting options to ensure that you are striking the right niche and audience.

New Twist On Old Data


With a limited marketing budget, you may not always be able to afford the content writers and illustrators needed to create content for your blog. Instead of creating something new, you can always create a new twist on an old study’s conclusions to publish something of value to your audience.

Leverage LinkedIn


The major value add in LinkedIn is not from the connections. Instead, you can tap the power of LinkedIn groups to network with others, answer other’s questions, raise your own questions to gain recognition for your company as a leading influencer in the area. Not just that, it is also a great place to publish your blog posts.

Develop a Customer Referral Program


Referral programs can be developed which can be of relatively lower cost. Develop an attractive referral program which offers some service or product free in return for pulling in a customer. Referrals are among the most powerful ways to develop word of mouth for your brand and increase the chances for your brand’s content to go viral sometime.

Run Contests


Another relatively accessible way to reach your brand out to customers is to run contests. Twitter is a great platform to run online contests but you would also be able to plugin contests on your website via providers like Raffle Copter. The great thing about contests is that you need not even have super expensive prizes in order to attract a decent amount of entries.

Team Up With Other Companies


Another effective way of growing your audience is to team up with other companies working in the sector (those who are not direct competitors). For instance, if you are a company making fasteners, you can consider teaming up with a local bicycle store and organize a bicycle race.

Host a Class or Event


Another way to increase your market presence is to host a class or event. You can print out flyers and have them posted in community colleges, adult education centers, libraries and coffee shops.

There are several ways in which you can scale your marketing even on a low budget. All it takes is a bit of out of the box thinking and initiative.