Teamwork is the key to any well-functioning business, and banks are not an exception. Having appropriate channels of communication will boost the organizational performance and foster teamwork.

Any successful banking institution should have clear lines of internal communication. Employees need high levels of collaboration while performing as per their responsibilities. They need to share financial data requests with each other, work collaboratively on a joint project or building a sense of community within the organization.

Financial institutions are required to demonstrate compliance with corporate governance of the banking institution. They are required to maintain high levels of secrecy and protect clients’ data. There should be clear communication policies on how sensitive financial information is shared among the team members.

 Challenges faced by banking institutions

  1. Insufficient telecommunication tools: Managers have insufficient tools for seeking information from the colleagues to collaborate effectively on virtual projects or to send large files of data.

They rely on email and basic chat features from the email clients, and this hardly satisfies their pressing needs. E.g. using emails, an officer must wait for a significant amount of time before getting feedback from a colleague on the requested client’s information.

  1. Data protection: With the increasing cyber-security threats, they should establish mechanisms for protection of personal information. Non-European companies are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The data protection act will come to force soon across the EU.

The proposed GDPR protects access to personal details by controllers and processors. This will have a huge impact on the banking sector. They need new approaches to data protection structures including how data is processed and handled internally.

  1. Secure information exchange: Banking institution face challenges on how to provide secure and efficient internal information exchange; ensure compliance with the data protection legislation as well facilitate team collaboration.

Solutions to the problems: using Softros LAN Messenger

The banks can solve the above challenges by use of Softros LAN Messenger which is a modern application offering you secure features for your internal information exchange. The app is highly customized to meet your company’s needs and can be used both online and offline.

Softros LAN Messenger allows private and group messaging features including secure file transfer within the company’s network.


  1. Collaboration: The LAN messenger enables employees to collaborate jointly on shared projects. An employee can send a message using the Softros Instant Messenger feature to a colleague or team member and have a secure group chat.
  2. Secure exchange: Softros LAN Messenger uses 256 AES encryption standard that protects personal data against eavesdropping or information leaks. All the data exchanged through the messenger is encrypted. Virus or any spam information is filtered to ensure a secure communication within the banking environment.
  3. Reliable connection: When the officer sends a message to an employee, the employee gets a notification for the message and the officer will receive an alert once the message is read. All sent and received messages are stored on a central server, and an administrator can easily audit the information.
  4. Share files: The LAN messenger provides high-speed transfer of files from one computer to another within the organization.

Apart from having a joint discussion on the group chats, Softros messaging app provides a wide range of chat options and virtual collaboration features. Colleagues can use remote desktop sharing feature to remotely share ideas with each other and take screenshots with just a few clicks. Employees can also use voice and video call feature. Softros aims at providing a secure internal communication network within the business, making it a reliable tool those looking for teamwork.


To achieve the highest results, companies should focus on increasing team collaboration. Better communication tools enable banking officers to better serve clients, be innovative, and seek out other ways to offer cross-functional customer support.

Softros LAN messenger can provide private and secure internal communication networks aimed at both increasing and securing communication. Addressing these crucial needs with one affordable tool can ensure satisfied employees and customers, reduced risks, and perhaps most importantly for banks, increased profits.

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