How to set up a great blog that can go viral


Going viral is the dream of every blogger. To get traffic is the final objective, and viral blogs have achieved that goal. To create great content is not enough, and content competition is hard to get your blog noticed by people.

In this article, we will talk about some simple thing you can do to enhance your blog and increase your chances to go viral. You can be the best at what you do, but if you don’t get people’s attention, your work will remain unnoticed. Learn how to set up a great blog that can go viral.

Before the Post

Before you even think of writing a new post, there are several things you need to do. You might have done some of them already but at times SEO optimization for your page, or having a catchy name were not crossing your mind when you set up your home page.

There are various things to do before starting to blog.

You can use this aid as a 10 point checklist to increase your traffic. The list alone will give you more chances of visibility, and search engines might find you just by enhancing these simple steps. That doesn’t mean you will go viral overnight just by setting right your SEO words in your home page. There are many other things to do, but to enhance your page is a good place to start.

How to set a blog from Scratch

If you are new, you need to start somewhere. Setting up a blog from scratch is quite easy.

Use this link to find a complete guide to setup a new blog. If you are an experienced blogger, then it can be useful to give you some ideas. Sometimes we get stuck with something, and a fresh look is what we need to continue.


The 3 ingredients of Viral Blogs

Now let’s focus on going viral. There are 3 ingredients for a blog to go viral:

  1. To have great quality content
  2. To connect with people
  3. To get an emotional response

Any content with these 3 ingredients has a chance to go viral. Great content, of course, is unique, and that is what makes it attractive, you can use essay writing company to write best content. People want to know something new. That is what great content gives them. Then, to catch people’s attention, it has to connect to your target audience. A blog post cannot go viral if you are talking about how to cultivate mushrooms in the moon if nobody lives there. You need to create a connection. That way, people can get connected to your blog post and will share it and care.

The last ingredient is one of the most important. You need to get an emotional response. People are all about emotions. We all move according to what we feel. If you touch somebody’s feeling, they will share your post. People moved by feelings are responsive. The 3 ingredients are the winning combination to create a viral blog, but that is not enough. Let’s see what else you need in the following section.

The Right Promotion

Promotion is something people forget. You need to let others know about your post, and it is not just about sharing on your Facebook page or another social network. The promotion has to do a lot with SEO. To get ranked in the first 3 places on search engines like Google will warranty a bunch of strangers getting into your blog post with more chances of sharing. There are many ways of promoting. Here are just some ideas:

  • Link to others. Look for influential people in your niche or outside of it. Then backlink to them. You can enforce this strategy by sending a message to those you’ve linked. An engagement message can have them to share your content. With all that reach, it will most likely go viral.
  • Use social network groups. Facebook and LinkedIn like other social networks are structured to create focus groups. You can regularly post your content there, and seek for engagement.

The idea is to go outside your circle. Be creative. Once you have content with the 3 ingredients and the right promotion, then your chances of going viral will boost significantly.