In a world where technology is booming, it only makes sense for businesses to utilize the latest digital marketing strategies to boost their sales. Likewise, it also makes sense for prospective business owners to consider starting their own digital marketing agency as the demand for online marketing is considerably growing.

In fact, marketing spending on social media is projected to increase by 18.5 percent over the next five years. That said, if a future business in digital marketing is calling your name, the best time to start is now.

But where do you go from here? How does starting, let alone owning, your digital marketing agency work? Do you need specific background knowledge? Perhaps a degree or specific training? How much is truly involved with starting your digital marketing business?

Before you start overthinking, consider the following five steps. These will help simplify the process of kickstarting your agency and make it clearer what your next goals should be:

1.    Select your services.

Before actually starting your digital marketing agency, it’s important that you start coming up with a game plan. What do you envision? What specific services are you hoping to offer for clients?

For instance, some services you might offer include social media management, e-mail marketing, lead generation, e-commerce development, landing page creation, search engine optimization (SEO), personalized blog posts, logo and branding, and marketing consulting.

Essentially anything pertaining to the online marketing, advertising, or social aspects of a business, you can offer services for.

You may wish to provide some services with a la carte or several services integrated into one plan. Most agencies offer three plans for their clients to pick from. Make sure to check out other agencies to see what types of services and specific plans they offer. You’ll notice that services vary dramatically from one agency to the next.

When deciding what services will be ideal for you to offer, consider your current skills, abilities, and interests. For instance, if you already have SEO knowledge, it would make sense to consider offering such a service. If you’re an excellent writer, SEO writing or blogging might be a great service to offer.

Regardless of the services offered, the goals should be to help a business get more sales, gain authority on the Web, and earn more post engagements and ‘likes’ on social media, depending on the services you plan to offer.

But before settling on different services, it is wise to only select no more than three services at the time you plan to start your agency. Start small before scaling out. Doing so can help you to better adapt as an agency owner and become more competent with certain skills. As you grow bigger and gain more clients, you might consider hiring others to help you get the work done.

2.    Gain the appropriate digital marketing skills.

Once you decide what digital marketing services you want to offer, it will make it easier to decide what types of knowledge and skills you’ll need. Once you know what expertise you require, you can watch free videos, read marketing articles online, give online training courses ago, or even take a few courses at a university.

While it is not required, getting a degree in marketing or digital marketing will help you develop many of the skills and abilities you will need for your agency. Plus, having a degree will make your agency appear more authoritative. A degree or at least a minor, in business may also help you as you start your own digital marketing agency, though, again, it is not required.

Regardless of whether or not you seek to receive a formal education, learning everything you possibly can about marketing, and specifically the marketing skills you wish to offer, is critical.

However, even if you take several courses and read multiple books on digital marketing, know that training and physical experience are sometimes the most important. If you have the opportunity to, try working for another digital marketing agency for a few years or so before beginning your own. Actually implementing your skills and knowledge is what helps you grow.

But even if you are one of the most experienced in your field, know that the learning should never stop if you want to be successful long-term, even after you start your own agency. Just like with any other career path, continuous education is vital as knowledge, strategies, and tools change over the years.

3.    Develop your pricing plans.

For some business owners, developing prices is one of the most difficult parts of starting their company. However, with a digital marketing startup, your goal should be to stay within or slightly below market value initially.

Luckily, it’s easy to see what other digital marketing agencies are doing. Just a quick Google search away, you can discover the pricing plans of different marketing agencies as most have them publicly listed on their website.

Consider the fact that while the prices may be very cheap with some agencies, they might not offer very many services per plan or may only offer a la carte services for, say, a month’s time. Likewise, some agencies might have skyrocketing prices, but for a high price, they may offer several digital marketing services for a prolonged period of time (e.g., six months).

But even if your services have bargain prices, it’s not always easy bringing in a lot of sales in the beginning. If you’re interested in quickly growing revenue for your digital marketing agency, learn more from

The important thing to remember is to start with baby steps. Then, once your agency grows, and you and/or your team gain more experience, that’s when you can start increasing the prices if you wish.

4.    Market your marketing agency.

It might seem ironic, but yes, you’re going to have to market your digital marketing agency. Otherwise, it will be difficult to retrieve clients.

Once you have your plan set in place, the first step of marketing your agency is to create a website with the services you have to offer. You can have someone create your website for you, or you can create it yourself. If you want someone to do it for you, seek out a professional web designer on Upwork, Fiverr, or other freelancing websites.

Secondly, it’s important that you create social media pages for your agency. As a business owner, it’s important that you post relevant, quality information; aren’t spamming your page likers’ feeds yet are still posting frequently, and are able to work with different social media algorithms to ensure the most folks see the content you post from the start.

After you have your website and social media pages created, then it’s time to get your marketing game on.

To ensure your website gets noticed by prospective clients, make sure to optimize the pages of your website. You can also pay for Facebook, Instagram, and/or Google ads to draw traffic to your website. You can additionally create paid campaigns to boost the ‘likes’ and engagements on your business’ social media pages.

As you get further established, you might consider paying for a lead generation Facebook advertisement to collect interested clients’ e-mails and then using that e-mail list to send them newsletters from time to time, encouraging them to utilize your services.

5.    Switch up your strategies.

Everyone knows advertising and general marketing strategies on a broad scale changeup over the months and years. Digital marketing works quite similarly. Apart from digital strategies coming and going, you’re going to find that some strategies simply don’t work while others work well.

Consistent research, thus, is critical, especially in the field of marketing. Think about it, there are certain marketing strategies that were once used that no longer work on most people now. For instance, direct mail, printed ads, and cold calling aren’t as effective today as they once were. Additionally, some digital marketing strategies no longer work. Find out what those are.

When digitally marketing your clients’ businesses, use integrity, simplicity, and the right choice of colour to attract more sales for your clients.

Additionally, it’s critical that you use multiple channels to rake in the results you’re wanting for your clients’ businesses. Using one channel or one strategy won’t get you very far. Run A/B ad tests and split tests.

However, what many don’t realize that you can have phenomenal marketing skills and still fail as a digital marketing agency. Often, this is because 1) the agency owner fails to switch up their strategies over time, or 2) the agency owner neglects to understand that it is very different marketing, say, a restaurant business versus a real estate company.

Specifically, a major part of retrieving the right results for your clients’ businesses is finding the right audience. Doing research on marketing your client’s specific business is critical to find what strategies work for them in particular.

It’s through research and trial-and-error that you can ensure your digital marketing agency becomes one of the tops in its field. Don’t lose your marketing clients to your competitors! Instead, learn to be versatile by improving your marketing strategies as you see fit.


While starting any business from the ground up can seem like a hassle, remember that you have to start somewhere. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. That said, starting your digital marketing agency one step at a time will better ensure you won’t get overwhelmed during the process.

In five simple steps, you can create your very own digital marketing agency. These include selecting services you’re going to offer, gaining more knowledge and skills, developing your pricing plans, marketing your agency, and switching up strategies as you find what does and doesn’t work for you and your specific clients.