How to Stay Comfortable In The Office


Why are ergonomics so important in the office?

Ergonomics encourage people to have a comfortable experience whilst at work by reducing any injuries that may be caused due to awkward posture and straining of the muscles due to repetitive tasks. Injuries can go unnoticed and employees do not realise that they can have long term effects on their health, ongoing exposure to these risks can cause stress to the mind and body and therefore lead to ergonomic injuries.

There are a number of injuries which are becoming more popular in the workplace that are caused by poor ergonomics, injuries can lead to stress and strain on muscles, tendons and vessels. However, having well carried out ergonomics in place will reduce these from happening and less injuries/illnesses will happen.

How can you improve your workplace conditions to ensure you minimise injury?

When working in an office, the chances are that you will be working at a computer station, this is where the most injuries occur. But what can you do to ensure that you are minimising any risk of being injured?

  • Adjust your computer chair to a comfortable position so that you are at elbow height with the keyboard and ensure that your feet are either placed on the floor or you have a footrest under your desk. A comfortable posture will increase your productivity at work for you to carry out tasks as being uncomfortable will be at the back of your mind.
    You could also upgrade your office chair so that you have the best ergonomic office chair for your body.
  • Adjust your backrest to a comfortable position so that you are minimising back strain and you are maintaining a healthy posture, this is very important to consider with the height of your screen in front of you as you can strain your neck looking down or too high, this links in with the injury of your back. Ensure that your screen is at eye level and it is not causing you any discomfort whilst working.
  • Straining your eyes is a very popular attribute when it comes to working at a computer, we do not realise we are doing it until we start to suffer from headaches and in some scenarios, glasses are needed to aid your vision. If your screen is too far you are more than likely to strain your eyesight to try and read what is in front of you, and also if it is too close you are exposing your eyes to an unhealthy amount of brightness which can damage your eye muscles and cause dry eyes due to dehydration.
  • Taking regular breaks to stretch your muscles at work will help to reduce stiffness of the muscles and will ensure that you do not suffer from strains or trapped nerves throughout the body. Spontaneously stretching the muscles throughout a long day at work will help to reduce any injuries.
  • If you require any more information regarding Health & Safety within the workplace and what training can be put into place for your company, visit today to see what training courses are available for you.