After a long and hard work, it is necessary to have a good rest. If you are going on vacation, check if you are properly prepared for it. You should plan your trip to details and do not think about work.

So, how can you switch off from work on vacation? We have collected 9 best advices that will help you relax well without thinking about work.

Give yourself some time to switch off

Have you ever felt that you’ve just started to enjoy the pleasure of the rest, and it immediately ended? Surely, most of us have faced such situations. After all, it’s important not only to find some time for a vacation, but also to give a little time to the body to move from one mode to another. Generally, the adaptation period and transition to a mode of rest occupies about 1-2 days. It is very important to give yourself enough time to break the working rhythm and allow the body a full-fledged relax. Standard minimum time for a person to rest and reboot is 7-10 days.

Let the other work for you

If you do not want to respond to letters and phone calls on work issues throughout the whole rest, take care of this before you leave, passing all the cases to colleagues and drawing up a plan for their work. If you cannot completely “fall out of the process” and open your mailbox for a week, arrange with someone from colleagues whom you will just send working letters to, and he or she will work with them. Organizing working processes in this way, you can enjoy rest without thoughts about office matters.

Enable the “Out of Access” mode

If you did everything correctly at the previous stage, you do not need to follow the work process and get in touch with the work. Otherwise, you will not be able to relax well and restart your brain. Just forget about it for a while, warning partners and customers that you will not be in touch, and devote these days only to yourself and your personal life.

Minimize your stress

If you are comfortable living according to plan, do not experiment with a spontaneous journey, but be ready and plan your vacation in advance. Prepare the entire list of documents and information that can be useful for you on the spot, upload the map of the city offline and everything you need for your peace and comfortable travel. Book a place to stay beforehand and don’t forget about one morenot less important thing – transportation. For example, if you are travelling to Lisbon or just live there and want to get to the place of rest with comfort and without unnecessary inconvenience, rent a car in Lisbon with a prior booking. So you will be sure that the necessary car will be in the required location. This will allow you to pick up the car easily and start your journey.

Forget about gadgets

For many of us, vacation is impossible without a smartphone or tablet. We shoot everything that we see around, and then we post the photo in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, hurrying to share new impressions with others. We are far away, but we strive to stay in touch, “sticking” in the screen throughout the rest. In ordinary life, practically not everybody can imagine his or her day without gadgets and WI-FI (because work obliges or there is a lot of addiction). Nevertheless, on vacation always try to use various gadgets as little as possible and enjoy the reality around. To get the most out of your vacation, forget about the free internet in the hotel lobby and do something more useful for you in this case.

Take a book with you

The book will help not only to distract, but also to organize charging your brain. In addition, new knowledge and experience during the vacation will not be replaced by a working mess. Books inspire and open new facets of our consciousness. By experience, one can say that the most fresh and bold ideas you have appeared because of reading on vacation.

Try a new experience

Nothing charges better than bright impressions and emotions. Therefore, if you want to relax fully, do not lie the whole day on the beach. It’s better to have fun and take part in local activities. Play golf, take a surfing lesson, take part in a culinary master class of local cuisine or dive with scuba. No matter what you choose, it’s important that you discover new experiences and opportunities.

Communicate with people

It will be also very good and interesting if you talk both with locals and foreigners. Share experiences, learn the way of life of others and enjoy it. You can always choose a pleasant and interesting companion, talk at least 3-5 minutes on general topics and learn something new about other cities and countries.

Leave one day for preparation for working days

In order not to spoil the result of your vacation, do not forget to return home at least one or two days before you need to go to work. This time is necessary for the body to adapt and gradually adjust to your everyday life.

However, if the work is interesting, creative, then why should you forget about it, even on vacation? Maybe namely on vacation some unexpected discoveries, interesting thoughts, ideas will come to your mind. But, if your work bores you and you consider it just as an opportunity for another earnings, then you must stop, sharply raise your hands up, take a deep breath and say: “It’s all over, I have a rest!” And immerse yourself in your chosen type of recreation.

Try to apply these tips on your own experience. You could even extend your stay if you become a pro at separating your work and personal life. We hope that these basic advices will help others to get as much pleasure from the vacation as possible, regardless of who and where you work.