How to Transfer Money from the USA to India


Individuals staying in the United States would want to send money to their families and friends in India. They need to find safe and efficient money transfer methods. There are many ways of transferring money, but not all of them will suit your needs. Some can be slow and expensive, while others can be cheap with flexible payment methods. If you live in the US and what to send money to your loved ones, you can check out this guide to learn how to transfer money from the USA to India. Bank deposits and cash pickup are the most popular options for moving money to India from the US.

Bank Transfers 

You can transfer money from the USA to a bank in India in two ways. First, you can make a wire transfer from your American bank account to the recipient’s bank in India. The Indian bank has correspondents through which the transfer will take place. Also, if your bank is part of the SWIFT network, you can transfer the money through SWIFT. The money goes through several steps through the SWIFT network, significantly increasing the processing costs and time. Though wire transfers are slow and costly, high-street banks prefer them. Secondly, you can make an ordinary bank transfer from the US to an international money transfer service. The method is cheaper and quicker than a wire transfer through a traditional bank. Plus, the specialist services are as secure as the banks. You can also transfer large amounts of money from the US to India. A foreign exchange broker would best serve you in this case. Foreign exchange broker and ordinary bank transfer services are similar. However, foreign exchange broker services specialize in transferring a substantial amount of money and can negotiate better exchange rates. Some comparison engines ranked OFX the cheapest forex broker for transfers from the US to India in 2020 for amounts above $50 000. Another option for bank transfer is sending cheques or demand drafts and a letter to a branch of your bank in India. The letter should outline your account details and the account number where the bank should deposit the money.

Cash Pickup

Cash pickup is another pay-out method by which Non-resident Indians can send money from the United States to India. The transfer avoids electronic deposits into the recipient’s bank account. Instead, they can withdraw the funds from a physical location. The transfer costs largely depend on the amount of money you send. 

The Best Way to Transfer Money from the USA to India 

When people search for the best ways to send money from the US to India, they usually consider the costs, security, and speed. All the money transfer services are just as secure as banks, but not all of them are fast and cheap. There are a variety of options offering the best rates. XE Money transfer has zero transfer fees, and the exchange rates are more affordable than other online transfer services. You can also use InstaReM and CurrencyFair if you are looking for a less costly option. Remitly allows the recipient to retrieve cash from an agent location in India, and it is also cheaper and faster.


If you are sending money from one country to another, you will probably want to maintain the exchange rate at a minimum. However, money transfer costs keep changing, so you need to research thoroughly to identify an operant that meets your requirements. You can use verified comparison tools to determine the simplest, cheapest, and most secure ways of sending money from the USA to India.