How To Use Instagram Polls Effectively For Your Business?


Have you ever used stickers on your Instagram stories? If yes, you may already be aware of how many options you can use there. It is true that Instagram has always made it easier for the users to convey their message by using their features. They always come up with new things, and something that you can certainly take advantage of is a feature called Instagram Polls.

Creating quality content is still important, but you have to be creative and learn how to get more Instagram views and followers. Learning to use Instagram Polls correctly will help you gain value for your business. Here is a bit about what you can do in this regard:

Fear of Missing Out

One influential and effective strategy of boosting your event is to create a sense of fear of missing out (FOMO). You can create a hype about your event by revealing each detail at regular intervals with mesmerizing content and attractive photos. Expose the beautiful surprises they might get as giveaways. Share each detail keeping in mind the interests of your targeted audience and present it in a manner that people get the feeling that they will miss out some really good opportunity if they won`t attend your event.

Don`t let your audience miss out on the details of the event. Add a CTA of your event in bio and pen down all details over there for those who missed out. Create a poll to let others know who is coming and create a FOMO if they are not attending despite their friends are going. Usually, people make up their mind about joining in an event if they see a larger number of people are already planning to attend the event.


Be on Top of Mind

Another effective strategy of keeping you followers bound to your brand is to keep them engaged mentally and socially. Once you plan to launch your brand you can ask people to guess its type, its logo, and its name prior to the launch. This will keep them engaged with the brand even before its official launching. You may also give away prizes to the followers who correctly guess the questions. This way people will start relating to the brand. This pre-marketing will definitely help you in boosting the sale of your products soon after the launch.

Know the Preferences

Social media has alleviated marketing research to a great extent. Instead of conducting tedious surveys asking opinions of consumers all around you can simply create a poll on social media to know the preferences of the people.

You can ask social media users if they are interested in a particular product or not. This will ease your decision of starting a new venture and will let will know your targeted audience.

You can create a poll to know which colors of cosmetics are more preferred over the other or to know which size of shirts are most demanded among the customers.

If you are a retailer you can ask people to vote for their preferred brand which will let you know exactly what to stock next.


Softer Sell policy

The traditional and old school policy of marketing is to direct the users straight to the product or by offering a certain percentage off. This is an effective marketing strategy of the past but with increased exposure of the customers, marketing strategies must be revolutionized as well.

You can implement a softer sell policy for marketing your products. Instead of describing your products directly you may create a poll or ask people which product they will choose between the two and state the key features of both the products. This will give the customer a sense of being given choice instead of instructing.

The bottom line is that you can find many Instagram features to support your marketing campaign, and Instagram Polls will always help in this regard. Your business goals will help determine how you should be using those Instagram Polls, but be sure to keep the aforementioned points in mind when using the feature.