How To Use Photo Album by Pinnacle Studio As A Marketing Tool

Yes, there is a space for content marketing, special media marketing and the traditional word-of-mouth marketing, but all these strategies don’t (and can’t) take the place of photo album as an effective marketing strategy. Many businesses have started embracing the fact that photo album is not just meant for the documentation of wedding pictures and other family events. It is a pure marketing tool that can be harnessed for even more ROI in any business setting simply by bringing a couple of product or service-describing images together in a book format with some descriptive texts. Haven’t created a photo album before? No problem! Pinnacle studio is a photo editing software which works miracles and can be used by anyone. The two parts of marketing with a photo album is:

  • First, deciding on what image should be in your photo album.
  • And secondly, how to put the finished photoalbum to work.

Let’s now start with the first factor, addressing questions concerning what images to use, why and how to use them.

  1. Showcase Your Products

Creating a photo album for your business is different from organizing a family picture in an album. While the former is meant to get your viewer to take a required action, the later may just be for a record of memory. So the major content of a photo album for business should be your products. If you sell physical products, this is the chance you have to not only list them but show potential customers what the products look like. If you don’t sell physical products then show customers the equipments you use in delivering your services or a sight of the finished job. This idea is to make them demand for your products or services and the right images might just get them salivating for a taste.

  1. Introduce Your Team

Give your business a personal touch! Often I see where this topic is discussed in on several blogs and that goes to show how important a human touch is to a business. The time is gone when people would just pull their credit cards and make purchases online at the call of their instincts. People now go into in-depth reviews doing their due diligence to decide whom to buy from and why. And finally, they buy from merchants and businesses they think they know better. How can you break through this barrier and make your businesses trustworthy? Don’t just send out photo albums with product images begging to be purchased. Let your potential customers see the people behind the products and services listed in the album. Include an image of yourself, the owner of the business, the executives, the team or the entire workforce (if possible). This reassures viewers that they are dealing with real people who care. You can follow pinnacle studio’s ready template on this.

  1. Show The “Behind The Scene”

Put images showing what goes on behind the mere ecommerce website and blog they see and read online. Images showing your offices, your employees at work, the equipments used in production or in rendering the services you offer, your physical building and materials used in production would just be great. This will help reassure viewers and potential customers that there isnothing to be afraid of with regards to your products and services. For instance, if you produce tweed clothing, a good image would be to show them when the fabric is still in the weaving machine thereby giving potential customers an insight on how those tweed hats, tweed jackets, tweed suits and caps in your catalogue are made.

  1. Do In-Depth Product Reviews

Show the various features and options you think potential customers and clients would love to know about your products and services. Remember, this is different from listing and showing the image of your products, this part should be in the form of reviews showing those features of your product or service that distinguishesit from competitors. For instance, does your service come witha value added bonus that can’t be found anywhere else? List this and try to quantify them with images. For your physical products, magnify those exceptional areas and features, good spots would be a trending design at the chest of your tweed suit, the material of your coffee mug or a ‘save and edit’ option in your software product. While you can just mention these, letting then have an image of it will sure increase your conversion rate.

  1. Social Events

Showing your potential and existing customers how careful you are about life and the little things that make it worth living by adding images of  some social events your business have organized or attended will go along way in proving how determined you would be to serve them better. You can use images from an employee’s birthday party, promotion celebration or those from your business’s annual events, fundraising events or award-giving events.


How to Use Photo Album to Market Your Business

Now this is the part where you put your finished photo album to work. A lot about your success with marketing with photo albums depends on how you are able to get them to the hands of your audience and potential customers. A good idea would be to create a soft copy and a hard copy of your photo album so you don’t run into limitations when distributing your album.  With that said, here are 4 ways you can distribute your photo albums.

  1. Send It To Your List And Business Contacts

When you email your list and business contacts, include a link to the soft version of your photo album. Make it in such a way that viewers can download it to their desktop so they can refer to it when they need to.

  1. Give As Gift

Make your photo album part of your annual gift ideas. Give it to employees during celebrations, and send it along with other gifts to business partners and clients. When you see an opportunity to make a formal gift, don’t miss the chance to include your photo album. Feel free to use a pinnacle studio promo code to avoid spending a fortune. Search online for a pinnacle coupon and you will come up with several coupon sites with legit deals like these.

  1. Hand It Out During Seminars

If you organize seminars or were invited to anyone, take your photo album with your. Chances are you may not have enough time to give a detaileddescription of your business in such events, so a photo album will only help to answer those questions you don’t have the time to take, and refer potential customers where to get a hold on you or any of your staff.

  1. Send It To Potential Customers

You may have come to learn that CEOs are hard to get down to meetings and discussion arrangements. So a good way to introduce your business and possibly your products and services would be to send them your photo albums instead. Chances are, instead of cold-calling them and trying to book a meeting, they’d give you a call after going through your business photo album.

Are you still on the fence about using photo album to market your products and services? Try the tips you just read. If you’d love to bring the benefits explained above to your business, then you’d better start creating your first photo album.