Sharepoint is a centrally-controlled workflow management software tool that includes a whole set of organizational solutions for cooperative work online. Presented below are top-5 tools that can help take the productivity of one’s development team to a higher level.

  1.  Communities. Company’s employees can create communities dedicated to work on a certain project or task due to Sharepoint so that all workers get an access to necessary documentation, infographics, task schedule and themed discussions.
  2. Calendar. Sharepoint allows utilization of Calendar web-part opportunities, by means of which deadlines for current and upcoming tasks are set.
  3. Kanban board. Kanban Board web-part is a well-proven approach to workflow organization that visualizes the process of task completion and helps to evenly distribute tasks among employees.
  4. Project Tasks. This tool helps to enhance the efficiency of the workflow in companies with a considerable number of employees or if some of them work remotely and includes 4 fields: Status Indicator, % Complete, Assigned To and Description. Maximum optimization of team activity is achieved by monitoring of a certain task’s implementation process via the mentioned readings.
  5. Data exchange. Efficient cooperation between the company’s employees is ensured by the possibility of corporate data export in Excel and the access to central mail storage via Incoming E-Mail Feature web-part.