How to Use White Label SEO to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency! 


Why Is White Label SEO the Best Method To grow Your Agency? 

  The first thing that you need to know is that white label SEO is the best method to grow your digital marketing agency. Why so? Well, there are many reasons. But the most important one is the popularity of this method. Due to the massive potential that SEO has, more and more site owners choose to use it instead of any other marketing methods. You can forecast the potential of your site’s SEO here,

 The popularity of SEO does not come only from its potential. But also, from the massive results that have been produced all over the internet. What does any company want? Clients, all businesses want more clients. And SEO had proven that it can provide the highest number of clients. 

 Why should you use white label SEO? Can’t you build your own SEO department? The answer is simple. You will get many more benefits from outsourcing this service almost entirely to an SEO agency. But three benefits are more important than the rest.

  •  Fast implementation. The first advantage that you can expect to get from using the white label method is speed. It will take at least half a year to create your own SEO department. And maybe more than a year to make it fully functional and able to produce good results for your clients. On the other hand, you can reach the same point in at most a month by using the white label method. It’s needless to say that the difference in the time spent means a lot of money lost or wined from your clients. 
  • Low investment. How much money do you think that you will need to invest to be able to create a fully functional SEO department? A lot! Only the equipment and all the digital tools will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Add to that the money spent to find enough SEO experts as well as their salaries. Depending on your country, the full investment can reach over one hundred thousand dollars. But if you are going to use white label SEO, then your investment is 0. You will only need to pay the agency when you get clients. 
  • Low risk. What will happen if the project does not have success? Although SEO is indeed very popular. But no one knows what may happen in the future. If the inclination of the market will change abruptly, then you will lose all the money spent on creating an SEO department. Even if the trend does not change, there is the risk that your SEO service will simply not sell. So, instead of risking over one hundred thousand dollars, wouldn’t it be better to use the white label method and do not risk anything? Keep in mind that the only money that you will have to spend is when you already have clients, and you will make a profit even before you will have to pay the SEO agency. 

  2 Ways Through Which You Can Use White Label SEO. 

 Now that you are convinced that white label SEO is your best alternative, it is time to find out the 2 ways through which you can use this method. Keep in mind that you will not produce the results for your clients. In a way, you will be just the middle man. But the main burden will still be yours. The method has advantages and disadvantages. So, if anything goes wrong, then you will be the guilty target.  

 If your clients find out that your SEO services are white-labeled, then you may have a big problem. There are two ways to go around this potential problem.

  •  Ignore it. The first way is obvious. You can ignore this potential problem and hope that your clients will never find out that you sell them the services of another agency. If you want to choose this method, then you can market the SEO services as your own. All the reports that you get from the SEO agency will be white-labeled. So, you can brand these reports with your company data and send them to your clients. You can also claim that you take care of all your clients’ SEO needs. If the results are exemplary, then you will probably never have any problems if your clients do not find out that your SEO services are white-labeled. 
  • Prevent it. If you do not want to risk anything at all, then you need to find a method to prevent the negative consequences brought by this potential problem. You can still sell the SEO services as your own, but you can admit that you outsource a part of the tasks. You can even say that you have a partnership with an SEO agency, and both of you will take care of your clients’ needs together. Using this method will alleviate or even completely eliminate any possible negative consequences brought by the potential problem. 

 There is still another problem that can appear, and you need to be prepared for it. It will appear if the results produced by the SEO agency are nor satisfactory. You need to make sure that this problem does not appear at all. Otherwise, not only will your SEO services’ reputation plummet, but it may affect your other services as well. 

 So, you need to make everything in your power to avoid this type of situation. There are 2 things that you can do. One, you need to take the process of finding an SEO agency seriously. Make sure that the agency truly has the skills and all their clients are satisfied. You should even test their services beforehand to see their quality directly. Two, acquire some SEO knowledge or find an expert that will be the man between the SEO agency and your clients. He needs to handle all the communication between the SEO agency and your clients. As well as regularly verify the work done by the agency. 

  What Should You Expect from the White Label SEO Agency? 

 The main two expectations that you need to have from the white label SEO services are the quality and price. The quality is the most significant factor. The higher the quality of the results brought by the agency, the higher the chances that your newly introduced SEO services will have massive success. But the price of the SEO agency also matters. The lower the price is, the higher the profit that you will be able to get. 

 After you make sure that the two main expectations are met, then you should make sure that the white level services are complete. The services that you will white label from the SEO agency are: 

  •  SEO audit. The first and the most vital service that you need to white label is the SEO audit. Without it, it is almost impossible to produce top-notch results. The first step in any SEO campaign is this audit. Through it, your clients will find out the exact SEO state of their websites. They will know all the problems that their sites have, as well as the strong points that will help their ranks to rise.
  • Suggestions based on the audit. Based on the results of the audit, the SEO agency can ensure the best results from their efforts. Three fast actions can be taken to improve the ranks of your clients. One, the most common errors that will appear in an audit are broken links. Usually, the links of some of the site’s pages do not work properly. The agency must be able to teach you or your client how to repair these links. Two, low loading speed. If the site loads too slow, it will negatively affect the ranks. The agency must also be able to propose solutions that your client can implement to increase the speed of his site. Three, get rid of the low-quality content. If there is content on some pages that does not improve the site’s ranks, or it negatively affects the ranks, then the agency should offer the best solution to solve this problem. 
  • Personalized strategy. After the fast fixes are done, the SEO agency must be able to create a personalized strategy based on your client’s needs. Every site has different needs, and the agency must be able to adapt its services based on them. Some of your clients may need more site-content, while others may need more backlinks. The SEO agency must create a customized strategy that will bring the best results for your clients. 
  • Content-based methods. It does not matter what methods the SEO agency uses the most. What’s important is if these methods are content-based or not. Google and other search engines place very high importance on content. Be it the content used on the website or the one used for backlinks, both of them are rewarded better than any method that is not based on content. So, you need to make sure that the white label SEO services use only methods that are based on content.