How Virtual Reality Will Change The World


In the recent years, new innovative technologies have taken over the market by storm. Virtual reality or VR is one of the latest and fastest growing technologies that continues to elicit a lot of attention. Although most the technology’s impact has significantly been felt in entertainment and gaming industries, it is expected to revolutionize the way humans learn, work, live, connect and play shortly.

With mainstream permeation of virtual reality over time, various aspects of life will change. In fact, there has been a mass adoption of the technology through platforms such as PlayStation, Cardboard, HTC Vive, and Oculus. According to Brandon Gutierrez, Founder at VRx3D, looking at the growing trend, everyone can expect virtual reality to change the world in some of the following ways.

  • Ease of Learning New Skills

Unlike the standard two-dimension learning practices, virtual reality creates a virtual hands-on experience that can aid in honing human skills and understanding. Currently, the US military has adopted the technology for training purposes. VR has become instrumental in hand-to-hand combat training as it eliminates any risk of getting hurt or bruised.

The military uses it in other training exercises like diving, parachuting, and sharpshooting among many others. Away from the military, virtual reality can be used to comprehend other highly-sophisticated fields like artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, and rocket science among others.

  • Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing well-demonstrates one of the major ways virtual reality will transform the world. With this technique, you can take a tour of your preferred university campus, view the lecture halls, visit the dorms and even attend a lecture without leaving the comfort of your home. Experiential marketing can also give potential guests an immersive experience, especially when promoting an event.

Experiential marketing promises to influence the world greatly with its limitless applications. Thanks to this technology, you can make well-informed choices basing your reasoning on near-reality experiences of any given situation.

  • Transform Film Watching and Gaming

Watching a 3D movie can be breathtaking. However, a fully immersive VR film has the potential to deliver unmatched entertainment, which is out of this world. Imagine a situation whereby you can explore a movie world by looking at different angles and focusing on what interests you. Although the film space is yet to get there, the possibility of such a reality coming to pass ought to be anticipated.   Furthermore, virtual reality can be expected to make further progress in the gaming world with the release of more games that provide an immersive and intense experience.

  • Better Quality of Life

As more progress in the virtual reality space continues, the quality of human life will ultimately improve. Expect the technology to yield better smartphones and other gadgets that redefine how human beings live. Through such VR gadgets, exploring space and history will become more practical than theoretical.

  • Training People to Fly

Currently, pilot training relies heavily on flight simulator programs. Although this method has for a long time produced great pilots, you have to wonder what virtual reality has in store for this field. In fact, the use of this technology can give pilots more realistic and immersive training to help them perfect their flying skills.

Virtual reality has a potential to create significant change in almost all aspects of life such as education, health, and business. Judging from this information, virtual reality is here to stay. Hence, expect new VR gadgets and technologies to be rolled out by more brands in the coming future.