How Virtual Workspaces Can Help to Improve Teamwork


The way we meet and collaborate is changing. Instead of braving the rush hour traffic and adverse British weather conditions, a growing number of businesses are choosing to meet via virtual workspaces, using video conferences and digital whiteboards to share ideas, files and communications.

One thing that will never change, however, is the impact great teamwork can have on office morale and productivity. Since more people than ever are now choosing to work remotely, the growing prevalence of Cisco WebEx Teams and similar platforms really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since they’re engineered to keep teams connected at all times.

The rise of new technology has led to increased flexibility and efficiency in the workplace, allowing businesses to improve their processes and ultimately put their employees first. But how do virtual workspaces help your teams work together and collaborate on new ideas?

Whiteboarding Sessions Improve Collaboration

No matter what kind of industry you work in, great teamwork will always involve one very important thing: project collaboration. Digital whiteboards have become immensely popular in the workplace recently, boosting project engagement by allowing team members to annotate, edit and share different files.

Whether you want to add in a hyperlink, present a brand-new idea or just make a few scribbles, whiteboarding is all about improving communication and project planning. You can even set up screen sharing, ensuring that all team members are on the same page and can interact with the information being presented to them on multiple devices.

Although you might be working remotely, a great whiteboarding session is just as effective as being there in person– and will ultimately help the team improve their work and put together stronger ideas.

File Sharing Has Never Been Easier

In short, a virtual workspace will help the team stay organised, providing a central hub for all the relevant documents and information needed for the project.

By storing and sharing files in one convenient place, team members are able to easily access the information they require, reducing the time spent searching for necessary documents and allowing them to become more productive throughout the day.

Most digital platforms will keep files neatly organised and easy to find, providing a seamless way for team members to collaborate, exchange knowledge and solve problems together. Since the entire team can view and edit these files, you can always be certain that everyone’s got up-to-date versions and nobody’s working off old information.

Ultimately, this means your team will always be singing from the same hymn sheet and driving for the same goals.

Travel Distance Is No Longer An Issue

Digital workspaces give employees an unbelievable sense of freedom. Whether they’re sitting in a coffee shop, working from home, or commuting on public transport, a virtual workspace allows staff to get work done in their own way.

For team members based further afield, this level of flexibility is absolutely priceless. Instead of having to travel into an office building for meetings, they’re able to attend remotely; meaning it’s much easier for them to regularly communicate with other team members through video conferencing and digital messaging.

Instead of confining employees to an office building, a virtual workspace will remove the problems posed by constant travel, and instead allow the team to concentrate on working together and completing the project.

Virtual Workspaces Help You Stay Connected

Since 70% of people work remotely at least once a week, virtual workspaces have become vital in keeping team members connected with one another. Whether you’re taking part in a whiteboarding session, attending a video conference or sending a quick group message, digital workspaces provide you with all kinds of ways to stay in contact with the rest of the team.

Video conferencing has proven particularly popular with remote workers, providing a fantastic solution for teams based in different locations. This is much more engaging than talking to someone over the phone or via email, allowing the team to establish stronger relationships with one another and offering that crucial face-to-face interaction.

However your team chooses to communicate, this constant connection means they can keep driving the project forward, quickly answering each other’s questions and updating each other with new information.

The Overall Result: Improved Efficiency and Productivity

By working through a virtual workspace, your team members will find it easier to collaborate, share ideas and connect with one another on multiple devices. When you’ve got these components in place, your team are bound to become more productive and help your business grow.