How You Can Start Improving Your Business’ Search Engine Ranking Starting Today


Even 5 years ago plenty of people had no idea what SEO or search engine rankings were or how they impacted business. As the world has turned even more digital business owners especially understand the importance of ranking near the top of the search engine for a related term.

Plenty of consumers do not scroll through more than 1 or 2 pages of search results so ranking on the first page can help boost organic traffic. This organic traffic turns into leads and some of these turn into sales. Ranking for a niche product or service is going to be far easier than ranking for a competitive term like “affordable car insurance”.

Google’s search algorithm is such a closely studied area that it has created a whole industry that specializes in replicating its behavior. Collecting or scraping search results can be a difficult task for developers, alternately they can use a Google Search API to directly replicate the search results.

The following are tips to help start improving the business’ search engine ranking ASAP with tips that work for all industries.

Claim Social Media Accounts

What many business owners might not realize is that social media accounts rank on search engines. Free links on search engines could not be more important so fill out the profile with the search engines in mind. Being able to engage with others in the industry can build rapport for B2B sales or partnerships. The following built and engagement on posts can drive SEO through traffic the website receives through social media channels.

Start Creating Shareable Content For The Blog

The best way to attract backlinks to the company website is to create shareable content for the blog. Having a large publication like Huffington Post or Forbes pick up a piece of content can help a company shoot up the search engine rankings. Other companies or websites will reach out to share the article so make sure that you ask for credit in the form of a backlink. Asking them to feature it on the front page if possible will only garner more traffic for the company website. Submit weekly articles to roundups as well as many people trust roundups from particular sources to get the best information on a topic or industry.

Do Outreach To Relevant Publications To Contribute Content

Doing outreach to industry publications or publications locally can do a few things. First, this helps showcase knowledge on a topic being covered which can build a brand’s trustworthiness. Second, for local businesses this can lead to exposure that leads directly to sales. Finally, this gets the company a backlink which can be valuable in climbing the search engines for particular keywords. This is not limited to one backlink though as the article can be shared and reposted on the company website. If hundreds of people reference an article on a subject related to the business various websites this can be a huge advantage when compared to competitors not doing content marketing.

Transcribing Videos And Podcasts Adds More Value To Those Pieces Of Content

Transcribing podcasts and videos to make them searchable can do a few things. This boosts SEO and creates a text version of a long form piece of content. Making this available to a wider audience can increase the number of listeners as quotes can easily be taken from the podcast. Without transcription a writer might have to listen to a multi-hour podcast as they are unsure of when something was discussed. Linking back to a written out podcast or segment of a podcast is far more natural in an article than linking to a podcast as readers might not have time to listen out loud. A large segment of the population have a form of hearing loss so this makes it accessible to them as well.

Make Sure Your Host And Website Are Perfect For Search Engine Crawlers

Even something as simple as choosing the wrong host can impact your SEO negatively. Hosts that don’t provide decent speeds can be hurting the ranking as well as your business. The correct keyword tags and content on the website can make a huge difference as well. A commitment to interlinking pages and linking to articles on the blog within other blog posts is important. Any content that has been published on a high quality site need to be linked back to in content as well. The publication will appreciate this and it can drive more traffic to the content that the brand created. Meta tags are not as important as they were in the past but they still hold importance as far as keywords go. Taking a look at an SEO assessment that is available online can be a great place to start as it will help fix glaring issues with the website. Switching domain hosts can also be done but remember this can take up to 10 days depending on the provider.

Having good SEO for a company website simply is not going to happen without effort. Take the time to look at where you can start improving your business’ SEO today.