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Most seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners know how precious time is and staying on top of the game requires smartness and the use of available resources. A great business deal can come up during a cocktail party, at a friend’s luncheon or during political campaign, that lifetime business opportunity finds it way to you.

Right on the spot, you were asked to produce the quotation for the project, the goods you would be supplying if selected, the services to be rendered. What do you do? You are probably thinking of dialing your assistant’s number if you have got one. You will save yourself the hassles if you had a quotation software, the right one at that!

One of the most important features of choosing the right quotation software is the fact that it saves time and makes you very effective and efficient. These are qualities associated with being smart. The right quotation software presents your quote in a very professional manner eliminating any sloppiness and then it draws the attention of your intending clients to the fact that if a quote is as great as it looks, then they will not doubt your ability to deliver on the job.

Bearing in mind that your prospective client has a wide array of options, the right quotation software ensures that you are able to create a quote as fast as possible, so conclusions are easily reached on the project and no other competitor whisks away your lifetime opportunity.

A right quotation software should have a mobile App for ease or be accessible from any phone via regular browser, but there’s more to it than that. Because of this, Quikflw has put together the infographic that covers all you need to know before you make the final decision. Enjoy!