Improve Your Trade Show ROI With These Tips


Most trade show professionals know that the better the design of their booth, the more popular their exhibit will be. When an exhibit display features creative design elements, more people will be interested in your brand’s offer. Other companies know this too though, and tradeshows are becoming more competitive than ever.

With the tradeshow industry seeing an intense rise in competitiveness, you need to know exactly how to edge out other brands. Use the tips posted below to increase your lead generation at trade shows, have a better overall ROI, and develop a more dynamic exhibit.

1.    Interactivity is Incredibly Important

The days are long gone where simply having a video message playing, and maybe some correlating design elements, was enough to garner interest in your booth. Nowadays, it’s all about being interactive. Nothing engages people more than an interactive exhibit.

Not only will people (i.e. leads) be more engaged at your booth (if it’s interactive), but they will also spend more time interacting with your brand. Examples of being interactive include games, giveaways, touch screen applications, and of course product demonstrations (which convert even better if the audience can get involved). Remember, it’s all about getting potential customers/clients involved in your brand’s exhibit.

2.    Make the Most Out of “Dead Space”

Most brands tend to clutter the design of their trade show exhibit far too much. This is a problem, because a cluttered exhibit portrays negatively on your brand, and also makes the potential customer feel uneasy.  The best way to combat this? Dead space.

While it’s equally important to make sure that your design isn’t barren, it’s also important to recognize that you can actually benefit from having a clean, minimal exhibit. This also leads to overall more affordable trade show exhibits.

3.    Know the Importance of Proper Graphical Formatting

Having a commanding trade show exhibit is all about properly formatting its design. There are certain, key areas of a booth that draw the most attention (and it’s important to focus on placing your most important design elements within these areas).

Your most important design elements include your logo (obviously), your brand’s specific message for that trade show, and any promotional messages. Look into effective trade show branding ideas for inspiration.

4.    Colors Are More Important Than You Think

Believe it or not, but there’s an entire field of psychology devoted to the study of colors and their effects on the mind. Certain colors invoke certain feelings, thoughts, and motivations in people.

Colors such as red and yellow should be carefully used, because although they garner attention, they can also be overwhelming. Green, blue, and similar colors are warmer in nature, and typically are thought of as being more inviting than red, yellow, etc.

5.    Personalization is Huge

Just like with interactive content, personalized content can also have a major impact on the overall ROI of your trade show exhibit. Consumers, leads, and customers all expect some level of personalization nowadays. The internet is the primary driving factor behind this change in customer expectations.

There are countless ways to personalize an exhibit. Some of the better performing ones nearly always involve utilizing technology. Event personalization is something that nearly all top performers do, and is something that your brand should definitely look into (if you want to increase your performance, that is).

6.    Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is one of the dominating advertising avenues in the marketplace. Why wouldn’t you want to promote your tradeshow exhibit through social? Social marketing targeting is incredibly advanced (to the point where you could most likely target people going to the trade show).

Not only could you target people who are planning on going, but after the trade show has ended you could also target people who interacted with your booth. Remarketing to potential leads after the fact would translate to a direct increase in conversions (i.e. sales, customers, clients, etc.).

7.    Giveaways, Freebies, and Goodies

This is one of the oldest trade show tactics out there, but it’s still around for a reason (because it works). Yes, giving away free products, samples, etc. still works in the 21st century. No matter how advanced we get (from a technological perspective), people will always enjoy free stuff.

So, if you’re not already, incorporate some form of giveaway, or swag bag, etc. into your trade show strategy. One example of an effective giveaway strategy would be requiring people to sign up for your mailing list (email) in order to enter the giveaway. This would ensure at least some type of tangible ROI (rather than just good branding).