Increase Productivity of Employees Through Office Design 


Many businesses are now thinking to enhance the productivity in their workspace and revamping their office designs. But, when was the last time you thought of recalibrating the office design? Are you proud enough to show your office to friends and family? Do you find your workplace comfortable? Yes! Space impacts your workplace and productivity. 

As a matter of fact, employees spend their entire day at work. Hence, most of the companies are remodelling their workplace to feel like a pleasant environment. That means adjusting your office furniture,  like 


Modern chairs

Office layouts 

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Sometimes, these unexpected changes bring a smile on the employee’s face and have a huge impact on productivity. Likewise, keeping succulents on your office desks makes your office space look a little more lively.  

In fact, to create a better workplace and bring more employee engagement into the picture, it is better to set-up a better office environment. 

But, before dwelling further, it is helpful to know little about office design.

What does office design signify?

To simplify, office design is concerned about building a space that fosters purposeful and productive work. There will be a room for personalization, creativity and customization. Essentially, creating an environment to encourage employees to bring their props. This cultivates a well-designed office culture which goes everywhere. 

Though this is not your prime thing to think off, in reality, it has a greater impact. When you walk through the door, it really has a powerful effect on your purpose and performance. But before transforming, think of the accomplishments and challenges. How does space serve the needs of the employees? and more. If you are a businessperson contemplating to increase productivity through office design. 

You are in the right space. 

Biophilic Design

It’s not an exaggeration to say that people are spending most of their time indoors. According to various studies, there are employees who spend 90% of their time indoors on a typical workday. An additional, 10% are stretching their time to spend outdoors. This is rather low compared to others. Hence offices are planning to bring in biophilic designs which have a positive impact on human emotions. Moreover, it maximises productivity manifolds. 

As humans have a natural connection with nature, these biophilic environments in the workplace have emerged. This has been growing in recent years, and are the norm of today’s modern offices. Many major employer-centric offices like Apple, Keppel Land, Amazon are implementing this culture. It seems this environment has grown ingrained in these places. Adopting nature, inside the office helps in preserving the ambience of room exuberant and fresh. 

However, creative new designs like green walls, interesting nature photo background, moss walls, are growing trend. Furthermore, they add a lot to visual appeal.


To put simply, ergonomics have a far-reaching and sweeping impact on your company, including enhanced productivity. The primary purpose of the ergonomic approach is to enhance the working conditions. These help in minimizing health hazards and reduces fatigue and strain. This is the world of competition. That is the reason it is important to lay stress on ergonomics. This helps in making the best products in a more effective way.

Furthermore, rummaging through poor desktops can have bad clout on workers wrists, hands, backs and joints. This leads to absence and related costs for your business. Hence it is critical to have spacious tables, comfortable office chairs with good cushions, backs rests. Ensure that the quality of the furniture is durable.

Providing an ergonomic environment to your employees shows that you take the utmost care of your employees and their wellbeing. Moreover, offering ergonomic equipment means that you are more concerned about their feelings. It pictures that you want your employees to be comfortable and happy. The most notable company “Google” has mastered this technique and enriched their workspaces. 


The light in the room has a significant influence on the human mind. Reading or working in the dark harms your eyes and affects the health. According to the study, 68% of the employees raise complaints about the lighting in their offices.  The two common scenarios that poor office lighting is dim lights and harsh lights. They have an uninspiring effect on your employees. While dim light leads to lethargic, more intense lights causes irritation. These artificial lights even strain your eyes which leads to headaches, and other eye issues. Hence selecting light accordingly is a part of designing plan. 

Equally important don’t use big furniture which blocks natural light. It has a huge impact on productivity. Rearrange your furniture that has low-density, compact and sleek. In addition, if you work in day shift, set the workspace, which reflects more of natural light This makes the sunlight passes through the windows of your office room. There is even a positive psychological effect which is highly recommendable to every office.

The natural light is easiest, the safest option which even saves you a lot of money. It even reduces headaches, drowsiness, anxiety and stress. Hence it is advisable to invest in suitable lighting that lifts up your mood and make the ambience cheerful.

Noise Level

The noise in the office at times annoys a lot. They affect us cognitively, behaviorally and psychologically. Even sounds the employees are exposed to such as phone rings, conversation affects the rate and rhythm of our hearts. The noise level in a work environment varies significantly depending on team size. It not only distracts you but also raises your stress levels. Sustaining productivity under such circumstances can be difficult. If you work from the company office, bring in cancellation headphones. Choose concentration supporting sounds. Find out whether the office provides quiet ambience when there is a time to really focus on important matters. 

According to a psychology study, whether reading, writing and working, background music is the most productivity killer. Employees are 66% less productive with the nearby conversation. 

To address this issue, see the possibility of decreasing it at least during your work time. If that doesn’t work install soundproofing technology. This is costly but there is a huge benefit with it. The benefit of having less noise versus the cost is comparatively high. 

Standing Desks

Nowadays, these sit-stand desks have been a common norm in the office. This improves circulation and has the ability to spread legs and backs. According to the study conducted by A&M, Texas, this enhanced productivity drastically. Similar to smartphones, ride-sharing apps and streaming services, these standing desks have become a trend globally. 

Companies like Google, Facebook has offered standing desks for their employees for years. In the recent past, many companies are starting to provide standing desks to improve employee morale, promote collaboration and boost productivity. This has notably increased during the client calls. Standing projects better voice over the call and signals confidence compared to a seated position. 

Room Scents

Similar to the colour of the room, even the powerful smell, affects your mood, mindset and productivity. These aromas are linked directly to the part of the brain. This again is interlinked to emotion and memory which impacts both. Add scents in your workspace and jar your mind to focus. Do this when you find yourself strolling away. You can try pine, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, and citrus scents. This alerts you by improving your focus and thus helps in making you relaxed during stress hours. Most of the organizations won’t appreciate adding scents so be as subtle as possible. But if they permit, this can influence employees to retain more, stay alert and work harder. 


Running a successful company needs to have many things in place, though it is streamlined. A well-designed workspace is crucial for a successful business. This helps to have the best employees in the organization. They even remain loyal to the company. Take the above into account and have a productive work environment. Prior to buying an office space or take a rented apartment, you need to consider both the pros and cons of the office design. Go through the details and the impact it has on your employees and the company in its entirety.