Increase Your Website Visibility through Active Business Promotion on Instagram

Instagram marketing

Many people and business owners believe that Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms for websites today. This is true as users just need to register for free and enter into an unlimited world of photographs that can be uploaded and shared in just a few seconds. With the large array of filters available you only need to make some small edits and give a dazzling look at all your pictures.

Instagram is a platform small-businesses must optimize even if they do not own a smartphone

However, do you know that there are several people and business owners that cannot use Instagram? It is just a cliché that Instagram is the most popular used social media platform online. It is a platform that is made for smartphone users. Instagram is a mobile application that needs to be downloaded on your smartphone and used there. However, several people do not own a smartphone, and they are not able to use Instagram. Now the question is- can Instagram be accessed from the web? If you are a business owner, it is possible for you to access your website from the Internet?

What do online digital media experts say?

When it comes to the question as to whether Instagram can be accessed from the Internet, online digital media experts say it can. Therefore, even if you are a small business owner, you can use Instagram to promote your products or services and reap the maximum benefits that the platform has to offer. The process is simple. You just need to visit and place the title in the web address bar of the browser. Get access to your account by signing up or signing in. You can opt for the long-term logged in status when you click on the dialog box that you find on the screen. Once you have entered your details, you will be taken to the news feed section of Instagram and get the mobile version of the platform. This makes it possible for you to view photos and videos on Instagram and upload your content for your business customers to view, like, share or comment!

The best web viewer you can use for Instagram

You will find that the Internet becomes clogged with many web viewers for Instagram. The system becomes clogged however you have an option as some websites are devoted to exclusive web viewing of Instagram online. However, when you are searching for these websites, ensure that you research and check their reviews well as several fake websites promise to give you good results. Choose the best web viewer for Instagram carefully. Among the notable web viewers for Instagram.

How can you use a web viewing platform?

Copygram is a popular tool that focuses on printing photos that you post on the platform. This web viewer provides you with a clean and clear view of the Instagram feed. You can also tag, comment, like and share photographs there as well. Like every online web application, Copygram also has its share of cons. You need to create your account on this website and register your email to use it. You cannot directly log into this site directly with your Instagram account. This is where the disadvantage for you lies. Other popular websites you may check out for web viewing are,, and more. However, as mentioned above, ensure that you check them out carefully before you decide to register.

Photo sharing and editing tips

When you are using Instagram, you should be aware of simple photo edit tips that allows you to attract more visitors to your brand. You can increase followers for Instagram using these tips for your business. You should take a photo of your product and use the set of filters available to give it stunning effects. You can also opt for the 3-D effect as well as this sets the picture apart from the rest of the photographs that you upload in case you want a particular product to stand out and attract the targeted audience. Instagram is a very convenient photo sharing and uploading mobile app as it helps you to take photos instantly. This means if you are dealing with goods and products, you can use Instagram for displaying them online to your selected audience.

Instagram is a simple platform that helps you to share photographs immediately. You do not have to wait to go to your office or home to upload pictures if you have a smartphone with you. Both the web and the mobile give you the unique opportunity to share your products instantly. Use your phone and snap the picture, opt for a quick edit and upload the picture with a good caption. The caption should have the keyword of your product and ensure that in the bio of your profile you add the link to your website so that visitors can find you quickly without hassles at all. The pictures and the photos you share will speak volumes, and they will carry the message of your business website without hassles at all!

Unlike other social media counterparts, like Google and Facebook you are not required to set up long profiles for your brand page. You can instantly start sharing on Instagram and get noticed in the market.

Instagram helps you to make your website brand look attractive and interesting. Even if you are a small business owner and do not own a smartphone, use the web version available for your business and increase the leads and sales of your product instantly. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for you to use for the advertisement of your goods. This is why you should never miss out on the opportunity to use it to your advantage. The set -up process is simple, and all you need to do is visit the official webpage of Instagram and sign up. The rest is simple, and you are good to go!