Increasing Your Bottom Line: 6 Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your CRM Software


CRM software solutions are now a must-have for businesses, regardless of size. Aside from helping you organize customer contacts and engagement strategies, the software is critical in closing sales, delighting buyers, and retaining customers.

Unfortunately, not all small businesses are extracting maximum value from their CRM solutions. In fact, most marketers only use CRM software to keep information in a central location and that’s all.

You need to start demanding a lot more from your CRM solution. How? Simply follow the six tips below;

  1. Choose a CRM that Suits Your Needs

This is where most SMBs(Small and Midsize Businesses) make the first mistake. Upon realizing that you need a customer management solution, you run off to buy the first CRM you bump into. You need to understand that not every CRM is created equal. Some run on the cloud while others run on-site. Also, some require service contact while others don’t. Begin by choosing a CRM solution that meets your needs.

  1. Train Your Workforce Appropriately

The only way to extract maximum value from your CRM is by ensuring that your workforce fully understands the system and can use it without any serious problems. To this end, begin by training the workers on how to use the CRM. If need be, seek professional help from experts who have already used the system before. These trainings cost money, but the result is improved efficiency, thus greater ROI.

  1. Make CRM Use Mandatory

The reason you’re investing in a CRM in the first place is to streamline business activities. It therefore makes little sense for some leads to be processed outside of the CRM. Yet, in many organizations, you’ll find sales departments processing selected leads outside the CRM. You need to prevent this from the right off by adjusting your policy to state that all leads shall be processed via the CRM.

  1. Automate Tasks Such as data Entry

Still on making CRM use mandatory, you can go one step further and automate certain processes so that workers don’t get to choose which leads to process using the CRM and which ones to process outside the system. For instance, if you want to grow your monthly sales with Spiro, set up your system in such a way that upon capture of lead contacts, the details are automatically sent to the CRM.

  1. Use CRM to Enhance Collaboration

A key benefit of CRM solutions is that they allow workers to collaborate on projects for faster completion of tasks. With this in mind, why not allocate more collaborative projects that require workers to work in groups? This way, customer queries can be handled in one place to avoid poor user experience that results from transferring customers from one department to another.

  1. Mine your CRM Data

Finally, CRM software solutions are designed to store lots of data. Even better, most of the advanced CRM systems come with built-in analytics tools to break down this data into useful information. In the spirit of getting maximum value from your CRM, turn this into a data mining opportunity. The insight extracted can be used to further grow your business.

Don’t wait. Whether you’re planning to purchase a CRM or even if you’ve already purchased one, begin implementing these tips today. You’re guaranteed a significant increase in ROI.