Incredible Child Entrepreneurs We Should All Take Notice Of


There’s nothing like a young mind for fresh ideas, but there are some young minds who are taking this to a whole new level. We are talking, of course, about child entrepreneurs! Little minds with big strategies – many of which are leaving us standing in the world of business. The raw talent and passion which can come from these youngsters is most definitely something we can all learn a lesson from. After all, the truth is in the pudding, and some of their incredible success stories prove they might know something that we don’t! Here are just a few of those mini business minds that us adults can benefit from taking notice of.

Lily Born, 8 – Kangaroo Cups

Young Lily Born (now 12) founded Kangaroo Cups, basically developing a product which is a three-legged drinking cup to help her grandfather to cope with the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Not only did this invention help him drink independently, it took off as a global product. A Kickstarter campaign was launched on her behalf which raised $6000, which she then used towards production. Now people with Parkinson’s Disease all over the world can benefit from little Lily’s invention. Lily’s dad wrote: “This campaign is not just about bringing a product to production – it is about sending a message to every parent and every kid with an invention (which is just about every kid) that a dream can be made real.

Leanna Archer (9) –  Leanna’s Essentials

Leanna Archer was around the age of 9 when she was starting to experiment with cosmetics. She was focusing on making her hair look nice when she came up with her outstanding invention based on her great-grandmother’s recipe. At just 9 years old she created some homemade hair treatments and shampoos which would later lead her to international success. Today, Leanna is in her 20s and has her own business offering natural hair remedies. She has a net worth of over $5 million – so she certainly did something right!

Sebastian Martinez (5) – Are You Kidding

Sebastian was just the tender age of 5 when he came up with his idea for speciality socks! Sebastian hired his brother aged 11 to be the director of sales, and went on to launch a successful company making fun, customised socks online. The slogan, “kids helping kids”, has been an inspiration to young entrepreneurs and adults alike.

Robert Nay (14) – Nay Games

Mini tech fanatic Robert Nay created his first iPhone game called Bubble Ball when he was barely a teenager. This required approximately 5000 lines of code and a lot of skill, but he did it with ease before it’s mind-blowing success at more than two million downloads within the first two weeks. It’s success trumped that of Angry Birds at the time, making it one of the most downloaded games of all time. He now runs his self-made company Nay Games and has made millions of dollars. Not bad for a 14-year-old boy.

Farrhad Acidwalla (13) – Rockstah Media

One day, Farrhad’s parents gave him $10, not giving a second thought to that he might spend it on. Of all the possibilities, they did not suspect he would use it to build a huge, online community devoted to aviation and aero-modelling. He is now one of India’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs. Rockstah Media is now a highly successful web development company that employs about 40 people.

Setting up a business?

Now that you have been truly inspired by young minds, perhaps you would like to set up a company of your own. Or maybe you have a talented child who would like to do the same? To get started with your business idea, you’ll need a great accountant that specialises in entrepreneurship – such as Alexander & Co. A specialist entrepreneur’s accountant can help you manage and grow your business, whatever the industry.