Independent Study of Unified Marketing & Review of Why Unified

unified marketing

Undoubtingly, with the vast number of interviews that have recently been published referencing the CEO of Why Unified and the innovative platform they introduced to potentially millions of small business owners – Unified Workplace – thanks to their recent partnerships, we want to focus on Unified Marketing since Unified Workplace had its fair share in the spotlight from all perspectives.

In the marketing industry, every digital marketing agency understands how to market their own products and services, so finding a reliable marketing agency can at times be extremely difficult due to not knowing what to believe and what not to believe.

Let’s take an in-depth look into Why Unified and their Unified Marketing Program to examine their marketing process, the results that can be anticipated and the value that you should expect to receive from Unified Marketing based on an independent study that I performed, walking through the sales process and all the way through the Unified Marketing Report stage.


  1. What is Unified Marketing?

Unified references Unified Marketing as “Marketing – how it was naturally designed to function – in sync with all elements.”

Understanding that the core aspects of marketing revolve around generating, nurturing and converting, we can agree that when using all elements which support one another to drive marketing performance supports their statement.

“Unified Marketing is the new way of marketing how it naturally designed to function – in sync with all elements which generates, nurtures and converts your target audience while building brand trust and authority.”

  1. Why Unified: The Company Behind Unified Marketing

Why Unified is the company that developed a new process of marketing called Unified Marketing, which is the same organization which launched Unified Workplace which quickly acquired more than 2M+ users. Knowingly, such accomplishments do add support and credibility to their new process of marketing.

  1. What can Unified Marketing do for your business?

Unified Marketing is a program which was developed for nearly any business niche, following a structured marketing process which is proprietary to Why Unified. While they do follow a general outline, every element and all materials are personalized to the specific business in question.

Based on their overviews, they employ search engine optimization, social media, and content marketing to generate your audience. For nurturing, they focus on email marketing, retargeting prospects, building value in your products and services, and A/B testing. Finally, for conversion they focus on optimizing your website and landing page for conversions.

We can see that this type of marketing strategy will have significant effects for any small business as it’s the same approach used by large companies that we’re known for seeing every day.

unified marketing

Our Determination of Key Factors of Unified Marketing

While Unified Marketing integrated more than 10+ elements of digital marketing into their marketing program, we want to focus on what we believe the top four:

Social Media Marketing:

When looking at their social media marketing strategy, it demonstrates cost-effectiveness. They focus their posting strategy towards the target audience with organic posts; their proprietary platform gives them exclusive access to a strategy that gives a similar reach to that of paid advertising with users who have expressed interest in your product or service – or uses who may match the persona of your audience.

Content Marketing:

What most small business owners are overlooking is building authority in their marketplace and Unified Marketing seems to go above and beyond to ensure potential customers feel confident in the brand they’re buying into. Through content marketing on highly authoritative websites, which builds authority and adds trust, they instill value into your brand from third-party sources which also adds credibility. What really sets Unified Marketing apart from other alternatives is that they have journalists on staff from Forbes, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and other similar publications which means that Unified can quickly not only establish trust for your brand, but generate your audience with these authoritative media outlets. While it may not apply to every marketing strategy, it’s a confident resource to have access too when deciding between marketing companies.

Email Marketing:

Their email marketing falls into the nurturing category of the Unified Marketing process and is a personal favorite of mine. The Unified team will create an email drip campaign to help nurture and convert your already existing customer base with the added benefit of an email campaign which enables you to sell more goods or services to previous customers or prospects in your pipeline that need more value to be instilled into their decision-making process.

A/B Testing:

To sum up what we believe to be the four key factors of Unified Marketing is A/B testing, which is performed as a result of their approach to cross-test every element of their marketing strategy to determine which results in more conversions, inquires and more.

  1. The Onboarding Process

After speaking with my marketing consultant during my independent study for this review, the onboarding process with Unified is very simple yet still remains very thorough. It efficiently gets the job done without requiring experience or too much input from the business owner; after completing a questionnaire with a kick-off call with their marketing team, I was presented with a personalized ten-page Unified Marketing Report a week later which provided an overview of every marketing element with examples and expected KPI’s. It was very detailed and thorough giving me full insight into what I should expect and can be judged as an actionable marketing plan for any small business.

Based on their report, Unified provides an overview of the performance and KPIs in real-time through their marketing dashboard followed by weekly reports. Overall, this is a good process that really gets to the core of the problems that many other advertising agencies have, such as a lack of communication and poor performance.

To top it all off, the staff that I had the pleasure of being assigned too was nothing but exceptionally talented, friendly and efficient – not knowing that I was performing an independent study. They tailor their approach to the wants and needs of their customers and only assign a project manager that has worked in that niche before – a nice added touch. If I wanted them to be hands off with me and leave me alone, then they would be hands off and leave me alone. However, if I ever had a question they were happy to help. I would want to judge it as a turn-key marketing approach and process.

  1. Unified Marketing: A new take on marketing

As previously mentioned, the new process of Marketing was developed by Why Unified, so you’re not talking to someone just selling regular digital marketing services, but the founding fathers of a proven fail-proof concept of marketing. Unified Marketing is the pulling together of multiple marketing processes from separate marketing strategies to form one bullet proof process where nearly four elements could fail but still generate marketing performance.

Contrast this to the many marketing agencies that employ a traditional marketing strategy, they devote all their effort to one particular strategy, which opens the doors to failure because one concept is being utilized with many missing dependencies – no one wants that.


Understanding that I have interviewed and reviewed handfuls of digital marketing companies, Unified presents a rock solid, fail-proof marketing process and approach that will benefit any small business and bring a marketing and sales process that is utilized by many corporate companies every day at an economical budget that any small business can afford.

Unified did give me the option to approve the Unified Marketing Report which they would be able to begin executing immediately or the choice to decline with a full refund; since I was conducting an independent study and had no immediate need, I did regretfully have to decline and they did process a full refund in a timely manner.