The RSA Conference, a series of IT conferences founded in 1991, provides a platform for budding InfoTech companies to share technological advancement. RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) is one of the first public-key cryptosystems that is used for secure data transmission. The RSA annual meetings gives these companies the platform to discuss programs that combat cyber threats. The meetings are held in the USA, Asia and Europe. The most recent conference was held March 4th – 8th at Moscone Centre, San Francisco, and they recently introduced its new innovation program for entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region.

The RSA conference has never underestimated the capability of  self-motivated and self- driven innovators who are bursting at the seams with fresh ideas for the industry. The RSA conference focuses on new talent during their annual conferences.  This year alone, over 40 companies had various booths allocated to them thanks to the programs set in place that aids emerging startups by displaying their innovations. Companies that have been around for less than five years qualified to showcase various software and hardware a pavilion floor during the conference. Apart from that, programs were discussed and launched to help newbies in the market of cybersecurity. Here are some of the programs.

  1. RSAC Innovation Sandbox

Worldwide organizations converge annually to compete for the RSAC Innovation contest. This is a contest aimed at fishing out cybersecurity’s most promising and creative contestants who’ve endeavored to eliminate risk in the information technology sector. The riveting competition comes down to the best ten contestants who are allowed to woo investors with a three-minute pitch. The winner walks away with a coveted title of- Most innovative startup.

The innovation sandbox also educates the attendees through active participation rather than a theoretical approach, in various ways to assess their InfoTech skills. The program thus challenges the attendees InfoSec skills.

Cyber attacks mostly focus on social engineering, and this is a major problem since most people’s lives are centered online. This conference wouldn’t be complete without addressing data security threats and equipping enterprises on how best to protect the consumers

  1. RSAC Launch Pad

This is the springboard for the genius’ behind InfoSec revolution. This program was uniquely designed to provide feasible solutions for cybersecurity challenges.

A new concept inspired by the RSAC Innovation Sandbox that was previously discussed. The participants that were rather promising in this year’s conference were each given ten minutes to pitch their unique products before a panel of enthusiastic venture capitalists. Styra managed to emerge victorious and shall be mentored by the very best in the industry. They’ll also get investments that’ll boost their growth and further sharpen their skills.

  1. RSAC Early Stage Expo

This is an innovation expo with the sole aim of giving fresh talent in the industry a chance. This year, 50 of the most distinguished newcomer’s had booths displaying their products and solutions.


Thanks to the RSAC, new up- and comers are now able to showcase their ideas and in turn get the funding required to make their businesses flourish. If you wish to showcase or interact with the latest cybersecurity programs in the market, then the RSA Conference is the place for you.