Internet marketing for tight budgets:

Attention is currency these days. It is becoming very hard these days to attract the eyes and ears of the target customers for any kind of business. Small budget companies have to face tight competitions from the large companies that have well funded marketing sections, social media competition and many other distractions. However, all these things should not deprive you of your marketing efforts. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars either to stand out from all the other companies.

Read these 5 creative and cost effective ways to market your business in the modern world where attention is everything:

1. Use local celebrity to endorse your brand- not every product has to go global and endorsed by a global celebrity, especially if your target customers are all local and when you have a tight budget. You can market your product effectively if you use some wits. Do not spend a lot of money on employing a sports star or a film start for your brand promotion. You can seek the local celebs for marketing your product. These local celebs can be an unsung hero, a teacher or a resident of your community has done some good for the society and is newsworthy and he who has the ability to influence people. They are easy to locate and will not demand much from you. You can get the job done with some gifts and your products and services.

2. Create a LinkedIn group- you can create a LinkedIn group for free and offer your professional network same vibe. Use the information resource and drive traffic to your site and improve your sales. However you should not use it force someone constantly to buy the product. It takes some time and effort to achieve what you want, so be patient. Set your goal as to provide resources and discussions on topics which can benefit your community. The LinkedIn group you create has to be a place where the members of the group can connect with other professionals.

Internet Marketing

3. Publish on niche blogs- it is hard to get published on the front page of a popular magazine especially for small businesses and local businesses. But you can create marketing opportunities by published on niche blogs. Find 2-3 blogs that target your market then contact the owner of these blogs and offer him some of your ideas of how you can provide value to their blog readers. You have to offer the blog owners your products or services for free as a gift or token of appreciation for letting you publish on their blogs. Share with them the ideas of your blog posts and how they will be helpful to their readers and increase their site traffic.

4. Write an e-book- you do not have the requirement for a publishing company or spend a fortune on distribution of your book about your products and services. You can write an e-book. You can upload your digital book for free through Amazon. It will in turn take 33% of every sale you make. The goal here is not to make great sales of your book but to use it as  a tool for encouraging your readers to visit your site.