iProtect: 3 Reasons You Need to Get iPhone Insurance Immediately


We love our phones. But no matter how much we try and protect them, accidents happen.

And boy, can those accidents add up. Last year, Americans spent a total of $3.4 billion on replacing smartphone screens alone.

Whether you have a history of breaking your phone or you want to protect your shiny new iPhone, an insurance plan can protect your phone and your wallet.

Here are three of the biggest reasons why you should invest in iPhone insurance.

1. Warranties Aren’t Comprehensive

People often misunderstand the purpose of a cell phone warranty. A warranty isn’t necessarily for the consumer’s benefit. In fact, it’s designed to protect companies.

We know, that may sound strange, but we promise our logic is sound.

A warranty does, indeed, protect your phone. But only for a certain period of time and to a certain extent. For iPhone users, the standard warranty lasts exactly one year to the date of purchase.

In terms of coverage, Apple’s warranties don’t cover much. The language on their website is intentionally oblique, noting that a warranty won’t cover basic damage from everyday accidents.

Things happen. Drinks get spilled. People trip on sidewalks or drop their phones in water. Apple understands this and makes it difficult for customers to take advantage of their warranty by excluding these common, everyday mistakes.

But that’s where iPhone insurance comes in. Phone insurance covers everything that warranties don’t, and for a longer period of time. To learn more about the types of accidents covered by most insurance providers, read more here.

2. iPhone Insurance Is More Affordable Than a Repair

A broken screen or missing home button don’t seem like big deals. But you may want to think twice before repairing your phone through a third-party.

Apple notes that disassembly and unauthorized service aren’t covered under your factory warranty. In fact, both can void your warranty.

Moreover, third-party repairs don’t guarantee quality. You may end up causing more damage to your phone by trying to fix it.

And that’s before you factor in the cost of the repair. One of the most common issues, a cracked screen, costs at least $90 to repair before factoring in labor.

An insurance plan is the best of both worlds. You can still try to save some cash by repairing your phone, but since your plan includes a replacement, you won’t need to worry about voiding your warranty or dealing with any damage your phone may sustain.

3. You’ll Get a Replacement Fast

If push comes to shove and your phone isn’t eligible for repair or it’d cost too much, you won’t have to live without a phone for long.

Phone insurance claims are super easy to file. All you have to do is head to your provider’s site, detail the situation including your model of iPhone and any damage sustained, and submit your claim.

That’s it. Just like that, you’ll have a new phone in a matter of days.

Protect Your New iPhone

iPhones are expensive, to say the least. If something happens to your phone and you don’t have iPhone insurance, you can kiss your wallet goodbye.

Warranties will only cover so much, so go the extra mile. Trust us, your phone is worth it.

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