Is Digital Option A Scam or Worth Looking in 2019


Digital options trading has become increasingly in demand recently. New customers are hearing about the possibility of being rich in a few months and accordingly, most people are very excited about the idea. For this reason, it begins to trade with binary options and the entry is currently promoted and simplified by the extensive services on the Internet.

However, when trading is started it can be quickly recognized that not only can profits be made, but also heavy losses. The losses led to the idea that binary options are fraud. It is not for nothing that many beginners lost their money to one of the brokers and believe that they have been robbed of their money. It is to be investigated by means of facts, whether binary options are really frauds, or nevertheless a serious possibility to earn a little money.

is digital option a scam or woth looking at in 2019Are digital options fraud or can you be used to successfully trade in the financial markets? On this page Intelligent Trading explains in detail this financial product and goes into all details. You will be able to read a detailed guide to trading and you will be explained transparently the advantages and disadvantages. You will be shown step by step how and where to trade the Digital Options.

Real experiences with Digital Options and Test

Intelligent Trading has extensively tested the digital options at IQ Option for you. Until a few years ago, it was not possible in other countries such as Germany to regulate this financial product regulated and serious. IQ Option implements as the first regulated broker this new feature. Unlike traditional binary options, this financial product offers more trading opportunities to influence risk and reward. In the following video and text, you can see the detailed test of this financial product.

  • Regulated and licensed trade
  • Up to 900% * return
  • Risk and profit customizable
  • The profit is influenced by the price movement
  • Create an account now with IQ Option “Click” (Risk Warning: Your capital may be endangered)

Hedges by the supervisor

In order to start acting with Binary Options, it is necessary to deal with the different brokers. There are currently a large number of brokers, which have existed since the 90s and customers of more than half a million in number can exhibit. Basically, these brokers offer a stable base to be valued. First, pay attention to the seat of the companies. It is best to look for a seat in the EU, if not Germany. There are certain financial supervisors here who have made it their business to control the brokers. The brokers, who are registered as trading companies, are regularly examined.

Digital options – a new trend!

On the left side of the video, you’ll see a detailed explanation for easy understanding of digital options. Unlike the widely used binary options. In Germany, for example, the trader has more opportunities here to influence his risk and profit. The great advantage is that a position can be closed before the end of the expiry time with a partial profit or partial loss. So you can exploit minimal movements in the market for a hefty return of several 100% *. With digital options, the “Strike” plays a special role and decides on risk and profit. The strike must be chosen before buying an option.

The further the strike is away from the current price, the higher the potential profit and risk. There are many different Strikes available for the Digital Options, so you can optimize your trading share. You can bet on rising and falling prices with this financial product. The profit depends on the strength of the movement. The closer you get to the strike, the higher the profit at early sale. For the entire prize, the price must close at the expiration time above or below the strike, depending on which direction you have set. Overall, it is a financial product that offers many opportunities.

Step by Step Digital Options Guide

Intelligent Trading presents a detailed guide to trading in digital options. This is divided into different steps and guarantees you the full understanding.

Create an account for Digital Options Trading

Open an account with the regulated and licensed Broker IQ Option. You can take over in the demo account or start with a minimum deposit of 10 €.

Choose your asset for a digital option

IQ Option gives you the chance to speculate on all sorts of assets. You will find a wide selection.

Select the strike for a digital option

The strike affects risk and profit ratio. The further the strike is away from the current price, the higher the profit and the risk.

In which direction will the course move?

Analyze the asset in the IQ Option Software. There are various tools and indicators available for this purpose.

Set the amount of your choice to the Digital option

You can start trading from just € 1. The limits are open to the top. The bet should be permanently adapted to your account balance.

Digital options with up to 900% * ROI?

It is possible to get up to 900% * return on a single digital option. This is the maximum return that can be distributed. It is quite feasible to achieve such a high return. It is solely due to the volatility of the market. Volatility = strength of movement/fluctuation of the asset. If the market moves barely or not at all, it is impossible to make a good profit with the Digital Options. On the other hand, with strong volatility, it is very good to predict the right direction of the course.

Fast movements can also be used by selling his position before the option expires. If the course shoots in the predicted direction, you can sell it quickly with a partial win without paying attention to the expiry time. Overall, the digital options give traders more solutions to their own trading. Start now with a free account on the Regulated Broker IQ Option.

The Benefits of Digital Options for Traders

The big advantage for you as a trader is that there are more options for planning the risk and profit. In the picture below you can see the trading platform of IQ Option. It is very clearly structured and offers the trader all kinds of analysis tools for successful trading on the financial markets. The strike can be selected manually via the price display on the right side of the picture. The yield changes automatically, depending on which strike you have chosen. The expiry time and the chance of winning are clearly visible and easy to estimate. With the “Sell button” you can close open positions very easily and secure a partial profit or limit the risk.

The difference to the binary options

Binary options are different from the digital options. The difference is that binary options are “all or nothing trading”. Either you win the option or you lose it. With the digital options, you have the chance to sell the position with a good partial profit beforehand. In addition, the return is independently controllable and adjustable with the Strike. Every trader has different preferences and can decide for himself which financial product he wants to use.

The Personal Conclusion of Intelligent Trading

Intelligent trading has been working on the financial markets for several years and welcomes the new digital options. Personally, I find this type of trading better than any other option, as the profit and risk can be better controlled. In addition, a return of up to 900% * can be achieved. This is really good and an advantage for speculators. If you master stock market trading, very good and quick profits are possible here.