Is Having A Mobile App A Right Move For Your Business?


Generally, we are living in a digital era world where almost everything is digitized and as a business, if it doesn’t have a mobile app, then it’s perceived to be lagging behind its competitors. In relevance to a publication by the Forbes Magazine, it’s estimated that roughly 80% of the world’s population already own a mobile phone and which this population is expected to pass the five billion mark come 2021. Further, it is also estimated that 27% of these 80% search for mobile apps connected to the products as well services they want to acquire.

Today, businesses of all kinds from small, medium to large are taking advantage of customized business apps as they believe that customized mobile apps increase productivity as well help the businesses to stay competitive.

Ideally, when mobile apps come in the picture, the very first question that pops up is, what are business owners looking for on a daily basis? This question brings us to the realization that business owners are highly looking at three simple things inclusive of:

  • How do they increase their sales?
  • How do they improve efficiency?
  • And lastly, how do they build a loyal customer base?

A mobile app can be quite a number of things inclusive of a way to access information, to communicate as well interact with friends, to monitor your home, among other things. Consequently, when it comes to businesses, mobile apps are quite something given the fact that mobile internet has supposed desktop internet by far and according to Statista, in 2017 consumers downloaded approximately 178.1 billion mobile apps to their devices and which this figure is projected to rise to 258.2 billion come 2022.

Should Your Business Develop a Mobile App?

Some of the reasons as to why your business should develop a mobile app incorporate:

Mobile Apps Increase Sales

Firstly, when customer satisfaction is attained, sales automatically raise. As indicated by Forbes Magazine, 70% of buying experiences are highly influenced by how customers feel they are treated. The more pleased customers concern a certain brand, the greater the customer demand will raise. It’s also estimated that 52% of online orders are completed through mobile apps and which is evidence that mobile apps can increasingly boost your profits.

Again, mobile apps can increase sales for your business is through creating value to your customers. Truly, every customer wants to feel some sense of value being created for money spent. Instead of using the old fashion way of collecting cards, mobile apps allow for the collection of rewards instantly and that way, creating value to your customers.

Mobile apps also build brands and create recognition at the same time. Mobile apps are quite flexible in the sense that you can play around with your app to make it look stylish, informative, functional or rather shocking and by so doing creating features that your customers will love. Additionally, mobile apps can be designed in a manner that customers can easily relate to the app since the sooner customers are inclined to buy your products or rather services, the better.

Mobile Apps Improve Efficiency

Ideally, it’s estimated that people use roughly 30% of their time on their mobile phones and which probably a handful of these applications make up the bulk of this total usage. Despite the process of unlocking, scrolling as well scanning their devices, people want to purchase or rather shop for different products and services in a much more efficient manner, and this can be highly enhanced through the use of mobile apps.

One of the ways through which efficiency is highly upheld by the use of mobile apps is through been visible to your customers every time. Importantly, customers want to be able to access any product or service at any given time and anywhere and for this, mobile apps make it possible to access products and services with a lot of ease.

Mobile phones also improve connectivity with customers. Usually, customer services aren’t just about face-to-face communication; it requires easily relating with customers as well as the ease with matching customers with what they want. Importantly, mobile apps won’t be merely human subject to mood swings or rather poor performance, and that way you will be sure that you are presenting to customers the same face and features geared towards giving your customers the best experience.

Additionally, through mobile apps you can be able to increase efficiency by informing your clients about new products, getting customer feedback, standing out from the competition as well as reaching out to your target population at a more personal level and promptly.

Mobile Apps Build a Loyal Customer Base

Customer loyalty is everything that businesses ever wish for. Customers are like lifeblood for every business and for you to be able to attain a sustainable competitive advantage, then you need to attain a loyal customer base with your customers. Successful businesses know this for a fact, and as a result, they tend to make it a priority to build customer loyalty. Usually, mobile apps give customers the ability to interact with products, services as well the customer care on a real-time basis. Further, mobile apps can also increase customer loyalty, given the fact that it allows direct communication with customers through ads, promotions, purchases, as well as notifications.

Another way through which customer loyalty can be improved through mobile apps is through using these apps as a source of data and information in regards to customer preferences, as well as customer purchasing behavior. This information is normally used to make important decisions and that way coming up with ways through which customers can be retained.

Usually, the good thing about mobile apps is that they can be designed to contain a variety of loyalty programs that are strictly engineered to make your clients come back in a regular basis as well spend more once they make a comeback. One of the loyalty programs that is highly used is that of rewards where it’s used in a number of ways inclusive of tired levels which gives your customers an incentive to progress up your different levels and by so doing giving the customers at the top additional perks. There is also gaming whereby prizes can be awarded to the winning customers based on a certain criterion, as well as awarding your clients for a predefined action.