Is Live Chat Support Right for Your Business?


If you want to build a good relationship with your customers, you need to provide customer support that works for them. If your business currently only offers a phone support option for customers, you might want to consider adding live chat into the mix as well.

Live Chat vs. Phone Support

For quite some time, over-the-phone customer support has been the most popular way of doing things. Since most people have phones, this is a fairly guaranteed way to reach out to every customer. However, some people in today’s world have access to a computer but not a phone. Additionally, some people suffer from phone phobia that makes it difficult to call a customer support line and talk to a stranger.

With live chat support, you can offer another option when it comes to customer service. One of the best parts about live chat support is that it’s a lot less demanding on the agents, which means they can handle a larger volume of support inquiries. You also don’t have to worry about anxiety or nerves since customers won’t have to speak on the phone and will have time to clearly formulate their thoughts. As a growing business, it’s important to offer options like this to your customers.

The Importance of Availability

As a business owner, creating positive relationships with your customers is one of the most important things you can do. A successful business is one whose customers keep coming back because of the quality of product and customer service they were offered. When somebody calls your phone with a question about a product or service and nobody picks up, they’re going to think you don’t care enough about your customers to answer the phone.

The truth is, most business owners are busy with a mixture of day-to-day and big picture stuff. It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend all your time answering phones instead of doing your job, but hiring a live chat service means you get the best of both worlds. When a customer has a question, somebody will be there to help them. However, you won’t have to carry a phone with you all day or spend your time explaining things to customers. Instead, you can focus on the bigger picture of your business.

Why You Should Offer Options

If your business is like most, you probably already offer some form of over-the-phone customer support. However, it’s important to offer a range of options to your customers to make sure they have access to a support option that works for them. While some people may prefer the speed and convenience of talking on the phone, others may dread phone calls and would rather talk through email or chat. In some cases, a customer may be trying to reach your support line at a late hour when they can’t talk loudly on the phone.

The truth is, there are tons of good reasons to offer live chat support in addition to phone and email support. The whole idea of creating a positive customer experience is centering things around the customer, which means giving them what they want. If some of your customers would rather fire up a live chat with an agent than call your business to get the answers they need, it’s important that you offer that. 

Creating the perfect customer support experience can be difficult, but making sure you offer the right avenues for support is a big help. If you want to bolster your customer service and make sure every customer has a smile on their face, look into live chat support for your business.