Is Office Atmosphere Important?


Most of us spend the majority of time in an office, working hard 5 days a week, 9 till 5. Oh, what a way to make a living! Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t happy in their office environment, and the stigma of all offices being dull is circulating more than ever. However, this certainly should not be the case, and more and more businesses are working to create an enjoyable office environment – the benefits are endless. When employees work in an environment that they enjoy, they will look forward to getting to work and putting as much effort in as possible. Happy employees make an excellent atmosphere, and you will soon realise just how much better your business runs when it is full of positivity. This infographic has been created by Cezanne HR and explores the idea of Britain’s ideal office. Members of the United Kingdom took part in a fun and interactive survey, answering questions that would help researchers to create the best office environment possible. This infographic is a great place to start in order to get inspiration on how you can make changes to your current office environment.