Is SMS Marketing Effective?


Long ago are the days of newspaper and phonebook ads. Even television ads are becoming more obsolete with the streaming services available.

In a digital world, it’s no wonder why all advertisement has migrated over to a more tech-savvy platform. Between Google ads, social media engagement, and email marketing, there are more ways to market and advertise than ever before.

Among that list is one option that may seem elusive: SMS (or text message) marketing.

Sending ads via text. Does it work? And if it does, how does it work?

Glad you asked.

How Often Do You Text?

Just a quick question: how many times a day do you text? How many messages do you send and receive in a day?

Probably more than 1 or 2, right?

Yeah, just checking.

Chances are, your customers and clients text just as much (if not more) than you do on a daily basis.

Just some perspective before we answer that burning question you came here with.

Why it Works

The short answer is that yes, SMS marketing works. When you think about it, you may have known that in your heart. 

But how and why does it work, exactly? What is it about SMS marketing that compels more customers to engage with your company?

Most importantly, why is it worth investing in outside of your other ad campaigns?

People Open Texts

The first step to getting an ad noticed is to get the target audience to see it in the first place. 

With e-mail, it can be easy to check off the boxes and mass-delete marketing messages. Don’t get us started on the automatic “promo” and “spam” filters. But SMS works differently.

A vast majority of us will open texts. It’s just how we work. More people have their notifications on for this app and we’re used to seeing the notification regularly. Opening a text is second nature to us.

This is why you use that impulse to your advantage when looking into your company’s next ad campaign. The more eyes you get your name in front of, the more traffic your site will see. Exposure is key.

Response Rates

Not only are more people going to open the SMS marketing that they receive, but they’re also going to interact with it. 

We’re used to communicating through text. It takes less time and seems lower pressure to respond to than an email.

The response rate can also be a good way to track how well an ad campaign is doing. If you’re noticing one message just isn’t getting the response you’d like, you know to tweak it.

They’re Easy

The biggest reason that SMS marketing is so successful is that it’s incredibly easy. Easy for you to set up and easy for the person on the receiving end to digest.

Texts are informal and low-stakes. They don’t have the formality that we have come to associate with emails. 

They also are more personal and direct than social media ads. When you open a text, you’re much more likely to pay attention to that than when you’re scrolling through social media.

All it takes is a few sentences and a bit of personalization to reach your customer directly and effectively. 

But it is important that you know what words to use and how to use them for SMS marketing to be most effective.

How to Make it Work for You

So, there you have it, folks. SMS marketing, if done correctly, is very effective. 

That “done correctly” part is important, though.

There are things like when, how often, and how to text that has more of a science to them than you may think.

Consult an Expert

If you want to make the best impact in your SMS marketing campaign, consult an expert. They have all the information you need to make this effective marketing technique even more effective