Is VidMate Banned in India Following the Government’s Prohibition on Chinese Apps?


This is Not Your Typical Downloader

If you enjoy watching interesting videos on social media platforms, wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch these types of videos anytime and anywhere you want? You now have this option with VidMate! However, don’t just stop at downloading videos from various social media platforms. Why not download music, videos, and other types of audio and video files from these platforms?” VidMate makes all of this and more possible!

Why VidMate is the Best Downloader

Other downloaders have existed on the market for a while. However, you can’t do better than VidMate if you own an Android phone and want to download the latest in audio and visual media. There are reasons why you want to use VidMate.

VidMate is Free

Other video downloaders are also free, but what makes VidMate better is its ability to download videos and other audio files from various social and other sites in just a few nanoseconds. VidMate makes it easy for you to store these files on your phone and watch/listen to them when it’s convenient for you!

VidMate is Easy to Use

You can use its easy-to-use interface. Downloading particular music, video, or movie file is easy. All you do is select the files that you want to download and VidMate will take care of the rest for you.

How to Use VidMate

VidMate comes with an integrated web browser. So, it can scour the web for particular music, video, or movie file that you may be looking for.

Advantages of VidMate

There are some reasons why you’re better off using VidMate if you own an Android phone.

●     You’ll be able to download videos, music, and audio files in a variety of formats which include:

○     3GP

○     FLV

○     AVI

○     MOV

○     MP4

○     MPG

○     WMV

○     ASF

○     RM

○     SVF

VidMate is constantly adding new file extensions, so you’ll always be unlimited in the number of audio, video, and music files that you can download online.

●     You can download a wide variety of files that range in quality. Examples are HD, 360p, and 1080p. You’re in complete control when you download these files on your smartphone.

●     You’re not restricted to using VidMate on your Android phone. Did you know that you can use the app on your desktop or laptop computer? Do the following if you want to download music, audio, or video files on your laptop or desktop:

○     Go online

○     Go to Google

○     Search for the Download Bluestack App

○     Download it onto your personal computer

○     Install the app

○     Launch the App and search for VidMate APK

○     Install Vidmate on your personal computer

You can now watch your favorite movies and videos anytime and anywhere you want. The same applies to music files.

●     You’re always aware of how many of the files are left when downloading them. You’ll know how many of the files that you’re downloading have been downloaded and how many of the files are still in the downloading queue.  VidMate will download entire video, audio, and music files in a few nanoseconds, which happens to be the speed at which the Internet operates.

VidMate Features

One of VidMate’s most interesting and useful features is that it allows you to download files from many online sites. However, the app will download these files one at a time. You’ll need to have WIFI access to download files.

You can download high-quality music files and albums. So, you can create (theoretically) entire playlists on your phone using VidMate.

You’ll be able to stream videos and movies from more than 200 online television channels.

VidMate allows you to select services manually.

You can give your eyes a rest by watching videos and movies in night mode.

You’re in Control

VidMate puts you in control by allowing you to download and save a variety of music, video, and movie files to your Android phone. You’ll be able to download and watch them whenever and wherever you please. Now, you can save music, video, and movie files and enjoy them for several years!

 If you are interested, you can download the VidMate app from :