Is Yes Bank share worth buying?


In the financial market landscape, an investor can find ample tools to save, invest, and expand monetary resources. One such tool which gives a golden opportunity to welcome growth excellently is the stock market. Investing money in the shares will lead to the accumulation of higher returns due to the power of the compounding effect. If we consider the stock and share pricing of the last two months, then Yes Bank Ltd developments are on a promising side. If you are assuming, can I buy yes bank shares? The answer can be revealed only after analysing YES Bank shares for fundamental soundness and its performance.

Is it worth investing in Yes Bank shares?

The past couple of months show that Yes bank share price has been in a favorable position in the share market scenario. Yes Bank share price on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, has jumped to 5 percent in the day’s trade. Following the progress, the bank officials announced that they are most likely to hold a meeting on Friday, January 10, 2020. The agenda of the meeting will be focused on raising funds through different mediums like depository receipts, equity shares, debentures, convertible bonds, warrants, or through permissible modes. In the context of the given situation, it is likely to go for a yes bank share split to mark its presence among the investors. The records reveal that there was a yes bank share split in the past on September 26, 2017. The face value of the share was altered from INR 10 to INR 2.

After the recent developments, the scrip rose to 4.76 percent to hit a high of INR 47.25 on BSE before retreating a bit. Later, the scrip was closed at 2.22 percent higher at INR 46. 10 on BSE. This is viewed as massive growth in the stock market. In the month of November, the bank has given an indication that there are potential foreign players who are interested in infusing funds in the bank.

In the month of November 2019, C.K Narayan, the Chart Advisor, predicted a similar call with a yes bank share price target of INR 74 when the current price of the share was INR 69. He recommended the stop-loss price to be INR 67. The Yes Bank share price also witnessed a rise in December 2019, both in terms of value and volume. The share was trading at 6 percent higher at INR 52.60. The technical charts showed resistance around INR 57, breaching which stocks climbed to INR 62-67. This clearly indicates an upside of around 7-26 percent. It has marked the bottom of INR 29 and ventured a new bottom at around INR 40. It has tried to make a new bottom and attempted for a reversal. The Technical Research Analyst at HDFC Securities Nagaraj Shetti, recognized the stock’s positive outcomes, as it has reflected the changes through bottom reversal. A corresponding view was shared by Vaishali Parekh, Senior Technical Analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher, who points that if the stock breaches INR 57, then it can reach feasibly reach up to INR 67.

General Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Yes Bank Shares

  • When you proceed to invest in shares, get photocopies of all the executed documents for registration as a client. Ensure that you fill the documents or forms of registration as a client.
  • As an investor, you must try to achieve the contract note from the broker. If there are any uncertainties or doubts related to the concerned transaction, then it is worth reassuring the authenticity of the same on the BSE websites.
  • Whenever you are carrying on any transaction with the agent/ broker/ depository participant, provide clear and unambiguous instructions.
  • In the share market scenario, if you are dealing with the intermediaries check if they have registered with the SEBI ( Stock Exchange Board of India)/ stock exchanges.
  • Please note, the dues of the intermediaries, have to be settled through the routes of standard banking mediums.
  • As an investor, you must request to check the company credential, management, fundamentals, any recent announcements and several other disclosures made under any regulations before striking any deal with an intermediary. There are different platforms from where you can gather information like business magazines, databases, data records of vendors, websites of exchange and companies, etc.
  • The investors need to adopt investment and trading strategies to align with the risk-bearing potential. It has to be remembered that all investment strategies carry some amount of risk that varies according to the investment strategies.
  • The due diligence process has to be carried before registering yourself as a client with any intermediaries. Investors need to carefully read and understand all the contents mentioned in the Risk Disclosure Document.
  • The documents and details related to all the investments have to be kept for the purpose of any further reinvestment in the stock market.
  • Investors must keep an extra document that they are sending to the registrar, companies, trading members, transfer agents, etc.
  • To ensure a safe delivery, it is better to transfer the document by a reliable medium like a registered post.

Final Word ,

These facts can help you take a call whether Yes bank shares are worth buying or not.

These are the latest developments in the stock market related to Yes Bank Ltd. In the future, it can be expected that yes bank share price target can set new records. Still, it revolves around the primary question: can I buy yes bank shares? The predictions are encouraging; although, it is a complete discretion of the individual. As a good practice, do your own research and check for the fundamental solidity of the business by analysing the management quality, competitive advantage, financial performance and corporate governance abilities before taking a call. However, cautions need to be taken as some rating agencies like Care Rating and India Rating has reported a downtrend.