JD.com: Increased Sales of Modern Day Home Appliances and Meeting Consumers Demand


Demand for a trendy lifestyle has driven consumers to demand modern home appliances to meet their needs. Chinese consumers aim for luxurious and smart homes with comfortable spaces and entertainment areas. JD.com focuses on giving consumers a quality life by supplying appliances such as TV sets, kitchen appliances, and pet living spaces.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, China saw a rise in demand for home appliances. JD made 4.5 times on sales of entertainment TV sets and home appliances in 2021 year-on-year (YOY) sales. One appliance on demand was the built-in refrigerator. Most consumers with a preference for built-in refrigerators are middle-aged, and JD sales of built-in refrigerators rose by 2.5 times in 2021.

During JD.com Single Day Grand Promotion in 2021, this company made a surge in sales of air ventilation and air conditioning appliances compared to 2020. In addition, JDs sales of stove systems, steam ovens and range hoods increased by four times than the sales in 2020. Further, the sale of small electric appliances jumped by three times in 2021. This shows the trend in increasing consumer demand between 2020 and 2021.

JDs responsible supply chain in the market focuses on increasing business value, including other companies and society. Despite the COVID pandemic, JD ensured a continued supply in the market. This way, consumers could purchase goods at a pocket-friendly price. The advantage of a responsible supply chain is that consumers earn the company’s trust and have an increased shopping experience.

To ensure a steady supply to meet the consumers’ demand, JD has almost 1400 operational warehouses. It also has 43 Asian No.1 parks all over China. This enables the company to make 90% online delivery within 24 hours. Notably, JDs online orders China’s rural areas, 93% of counties, and 84% of cities nationwide.

JD is focused on greener shopping and uses almost 100 million types of environmentally-friendly products. When launching Green Impact Initiative, JD insisted that these greener products include fashion, packaging, waste materials and energy-saving appliances. The company also assured consumers of JD’s green credits if they choose green shopping. Further, the company ensures green transportation through Green Stream Initiative. This helps reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere in warehouses, packaging and transportation.

About Liu Qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong is the Chief Executive Officer of JD.com. He is an entrepreneur focused on business ventures and making considerable profits. However, he insists on meeting the customer’s needs to ensure the business entirely impacts society.

Though he grew up in a tiny Village, Liu was determined to search more in the advanced world. Therefore, he aimed to pursue his university studies in Shanghai or Beijing. First, however, he acquired points to study at the People’s University of China. Through People’s help in raising Funds, Liu Qiangdong managed to get into People’s University and studied Sociology. He later pursued EMBA in China Europe International Business School and had a degree in business management.

Later, he became a vendor and labeled the prices of all his goods in the stall. As a result, his small business flourished, and he put more stalls in various locations. During the SARs pandemic, Liu posted his products online. After creating the JD website, Liu ensured to keep in touch with his customers by giving them feedback. This increased the consumer’s trust, and his business grew every day.

In 2007, Liu focused on a logistic sales network through warehouse storage and shipping to his customers. This enabled his company to have a responsible supply chain while offering consumer service. Today, JDs Company constantly supplies products globally, including in Europe and Southeast Asia.