Job Opportunities Created By Social Media


When a new industry is introduced to the market, it brings numerous opportunities and new positions which need to fill. Similarly, when social media was introduced, a wide range of new opportunities opened up because of it. The most common jobs in the social media field include managing a company’s social media page on various platforms, marketing for a company on social media, and uploading content for an organization that allows the organization to interact with their customers. Although the various platforms of social media have been available for public use for a while now, their use for marketing and promotion is quite recent and, therefore, ever-evolving. 

New standards are being set with each improvement, and new requirements are being regularly introduced such as qualifications and certification required for an individual to apply for a particular job position. However, since the fields being created are quite new, it might be difficult for some individuals to understand the job responsibilities just by the title of the job. To search for social media jobs keywords like digital marketing, online content creator, and social media marketing can be used. 

Top Job Titles In The Social Media Work Industry: 

Since the nature of the social media field is much more open and easy-going compared with the other positions in a company such as an accountant or human resource personnel, companies often look for creative individuals and people who have a much easier going attitude. Companies will often hire younger candidates for the job of managing their social media platforms so that they are employing individuals who are frequently in touch with social media and are fluent in the language and tactics being used. Some common social media titles will include:

  • Director of Social Media: Any job title that includes the word “director” often comes with great responsibility. Being the director of social media for an organization will imply that you are the main individual responsible for managing the social media aspect of the company and may possibly have a team of people working under you. The job responsibilities can include managing that specific team of people, taking the main decisions of how to market and promote the organization on social media, being responsible for the social media page of that organization on all platforms. These responsibilities will also include maintaining the online persona of the company and replying to queries that the online community will have. Although, if you have a team of individuals working under you, you will be assigning different tasks to each individual and then monitoring them. 
  • Brand Manager: when it comes to the post of a brand manager, the most important thing they are responsible for is the social media presence of a company’s brand. As a brand manager, your main responsibility will be keeping the brand name in a positive light as well as advertising the brand on social media. It is also possible that a brand manager will have their own team of people to work with, and thus they will be managing the buying and selling aspect of the social media process rather than communications with clients.  
  • Engagement Manager: as a social media engagement manager, your responsibilities will include managing each and every interaction made by your company to the public. You will also be responsible for making sure the online media and public portray your brand in a positive light. You and your team will be responsible for creating posts and developing strategies that will encourage the general public to make your post popular by responding to it, reacting to it, or sharing it.  

Why Do Companies Hire Social Media Managers? 

Now that we have discussed some of the positions a company will hire you on, it is also important to understand why a company will do so. Why has social media become this significant in our modern-day marketing and why companies are willing to invest a great chunk of their finances into their social media departments? 

With the passage of time, a number the human race has been searching for ways to make life more and more efficient. We have reached a stage in our lives where minimal effort can get us maximum results. This is the exact case when it comes to companies who want to advertise their products. Before the introduction of social media, companies had to post advertisements in newspapers, radios, or television ads. However, since the introduction of social media, many companies now prefer to advertise on social media as it reaches a greater audience in much less time. Effective use of social media has the following effects on an organization: 

  • Increase in brand recognition: Being one of the most effective and low-cost digital marketing methods, social media helps companies to develop brand recognition easier than any newspaper or television advertisement would. 
  • An effective method of gaining insight: The number one thing that a company’s success depends upon is satisfying the needs of its customers. Social media platforms provide organizations with a place to interact directly with their consumer and get to know their needs and opinions about a certain product. 
  • Increase in brand loyalty: Having a loyal customer base who are bound to come back to you for their needs is one of the main goals of any company since customer loyalty goes hand in hand with increased profits. By using social media to gain insight into the opinions of their customers, a brand can increase their brand loyalty as well. This also means that with improved brand loyalty, their loyal customers will recommend the brand to their friends and family, and the customer base will expand. 

So to answer the question “why are companies keen on hiring social media executives”, with reference to the above points, it is easy to see social media marketing and a company’s presence on social media can benefit the brand greatly, which in turn will increase the company’s profits greatly. Therefore, a number of companies are now looking to hire employees for this purpose. When it comes to an individual, it is easy to see the benefits of working in a social media field as it is gaining popularity, and there are numerous opportunities for advancement.