Every business, small or large, needs forms to collect customer data. JotForm makes creating online forms easier than ever before. This online form builder allows you to create forms and surveys, and collect data even when you’re offline.

Why JotForm?

This online form builder has made editing and creating mobile forms easy. JotForm has more than 5,000 free form templates to choose from, and even if you want to create your form from scratch, you don’t need any coding skills.

JotForm offers widgets and integrations, including Dropbox, Google Docs, e-signatures, and payment processors, to help automate your tasks, reduce paperwork, and increase your efficiency.

JotForm’s analytics help you understand how your forms are performing so that you can improve them if need be.

JotForm allows you to keep track of your submissions and stay connected with your team. With the JotForm Mobile Forms app, you can access your forms and submissions when you’re away from your computer. There’s even offline functionality, so you can access data when you don’t have internet access.

JotForm for business

With more than 5 million users around the globe, JotForm is useful for businesses of all sizes. From trade show exhibitors to pollsters and oil and gas field workers, anybody can use JotForm to collect data. And if your organization is a nonprofit, you can get a discount.

JotForm allows you to customize a form based on your business requirements. For example, if you work for an educational institution, you can create online forms that students, faculty, and parents can answer from any device. You can collect information from students, such as documents, application fees, quiz responses, class registrations, and more.

JotForm Mobile Forms

You can easily manage JotForm Mobile Forms from your tablet or phone. Its powerful forms allow you to collect all kinds of data.


Offline data collection

With JotForm, you can view your forms and get information, even when you’re offline. Your information is saved to your device, and when you’re back online, all your data automatically syncs to your JotForm account.

Advanced form features

You can enhance your forms by adding special fields for voice recording, QR or Barcode scanning, geolocation, e-signature capture, and more. Sometimes your customers need to upload photos or draw on an image as part of their form submission. JotForm’s advanced form fields and widgets make this possible.

Assign forms and kiosk mode

You can assign forms to your team so that they can fill them out, or have others fill them out, and manage the responses from anywhere. You can also track your team’s activity and share your feedback.

Kiosk mode secures your data-collection process by protecting all of your data while others use your device. It automatically refreshes your form so that you can collect multiple responses on your device.

Easy form sharing and customizable notifications

You can share your forms with a single tap via email, text, or mobile app on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

JotForm allows you to set instant push notifications so that you’re alerted every time you receive a new response. You can customize your notifications to filter the submissions and reduce the clutter.

Download the JotForm app

Creating forms and collecting data on your desktop is great, but what about those times when you’re away from your computer? You can take your forms and data with you.

With JotForm Mobile Forms, you’re able to create and edit forms on your tablet or phone with the mobile-friendly Form Builder, and you can access form submissions.

To get started, follow the instructions below:

1. Download the JotForm Mobile Forms app for Android or iOS devices.

2. After the app has been installed on your device, open it. The first screen you’ll see is the login or signup screen. You can log into your JotForm account with your JotForm username and password or your Facebook or Google account information.

3. If you’re an Enterprise user, click on the Switch to JotForm Enterprise link at the bottom of the screen.

4. Once you’ve logged in, your forms will automatically start syncing, and you’ll get a popup alert to enable push notifications. If you want to get notifications whenever you receive a response, click Allow. If you don’t want to receive notifications, click on Don’t allow.

5. Once all your submission data and forms are synced, you’ll see a card listing with all your forms.


The JotForm starter plan is free and includes 100 submissions per month. The bronze plan is $15.83/month billed annually with 1,000 submissions per month. The silver plan comes with 10,000 submissions per month and costs $32.50/month when billed annually. The gold plan is $82.50/month billed annually and includes 100,000 submissions per month. If you’re looking for enterprise-level features, you can sign up for JotForm Enterprise.

All paid plans are recurring subscriptions. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of payment, the full amount will be refunded. JotForm customer service is available 24-7 to assist you.