Key email marketing tips for you


Email marketing can never assure you that it will be successful at the day end. Following mentioned are some of the basic tips and guidelines that will help you in getting the right email marketing done for your business:

  • Generate strong contents

Put all your focus in generating contents that are high in quality. It is better to send highly customized and personalized emails rather than sending just general emails as they create much value. Personalized emails are more efficient in generating higher revenues and they are also time efficient. Personalized emails have proved to have increased conversion rates.

  • Optimal frequency for emails

You need to determine the optimal frequency level for the emails. While it is about the email marketing by Eventige Klaviyo Experts Website, you can’t trust the myth that one number will fit for all the sizes. It’s better to segment the database of your customers and contacts based on the level of engagement they use to have with your emails. These levels of engagement can be categorized in three phases i.e. highly engaged, limited and completely no engagement.

You can take engagement tests too that are personalized for all the frequency levels so that improvements can be made accordingly.

Another thing for you to make sure is to properly monitor the number of emails you’ve had sent and you will send in the future. Settle a threshold and keep the number of emails limited to that threshold you have settled.

  • Prioritize communication

Categorize your emails with respect to their importance. This can be done by suppressing the emails which are least important for your business and also for your customers. This prioritizing communication is basically a decision matrix which is necessary for you to put all your focus upon the nature of emails to be sent. Try to make the communication smooth among your customers and the organizations. This can only be done through fluid and open communication tactics. Don’t involve disparate teams otherwise prioritizing communication can become tricky.

  • Segment and standardize data

Use lookup tables and several picklists that can help you in selecting the important data and separating the important one. It is better to use picklists instead of the text that is in free form as that could take much time. Whatever the existing values you get, map them according to the fields you have standardized.

You can also create generic and customized processes to populate the values non generic in nature. File uploads and form submits are the basic processes.

  • Make sure about the availability of data key segmentation

Accurate and clean data is the key for effective segmentation of the data so that you can generate personalized and customized emails. Normally industry and job related emails need such types of fields and data segmentations.  Such fields become a basis for data segmentation.

If the fields have out of dated information and empty, use of third party services can refresh the data.  This is the simplest thing to clean the data and make segmentation of the important data to have a successful email marketing done.