Key Strategies for Reducing Your Office Supplies Costs


Whatever your business does, however big its offices are, however many people it employs, and however high your monthly costs are, you’d probably be able to save some money on it if you try. Cutting expenses is nevertheless a daunting task, one that requires great commitment, work, and time – from planning to execution day after day. This is why you need to think ahead and include your workers into this project, coming up with a few sustainable strategies that bring results. Without further ado, here are several key strategies you can employ to reduce your office supplies expenses.

Only purchase in bulk from sources that make it profitable

Although it seems counter-intuitive to recommend against purchasing in bulk, before you place a bulk order, make a quick inquiry. Is it profitable to purchase in bulk from this company? If the deal lets you buy in bulk for a really cheap price, there is no need to place some order every two weeks and buy more frequently, but lower amounts. Companies such as Winc online may be able to provide such deals. It’s all about doing research beforehand and going for the sources that give the cheapest bulk orders on the market.

Turn off any extra appliances and machinery after working hours

This is an evident cost reduction strategy for reducing your overhead costs such as electricity or gas bills without deteriorating your operations performance. Once your workers get in the habit of doing so, this becomes painfully easy to do.

In an average workplace setting, desktop computers encompass the sole major additional energy drain, so make sure that every PC is turned off before leaving work. Or, if your business runs on heavy machinery, such as CMM machines, boilers, or any other heavy equipment that isn’t required to work overnight, turn it off. Shutting down overhead and desk lights or using the sensor lighting will lead to some reduction in costs.

Lower paper usage

Like reducing energy and water usage, lowering your paper waste is good for your business’s bottom line and the environment as a whole. There are multiple ways you can do this, including:

  • Reuse waste paper for notes
  • Copy and print double-sided by default
  • Tighten margins and make fonts smaller on printed reports
  • Use secure electronic file exchange services instead of traditional courier services
  • Take your business’s name off direct mailing lists wherever legally possible
  • Inform vendors or other sources of postal mail when workers no longer work for your enterprise

Storing your supplies in a proper way

Even though this may not look like the biggest issue in your office, you’d be surprised to learn how much we really waste on supplies we don’t really need in the first place. The reason for their frequent purchase is that we don’t understand what we have or don’t have anymore – all thanks to inadequate storage options.

This is why rethinking your storage strategy is something you need to do now. Rather than scattering your supplies in different closets or cabinets all around your office, you can start keeping them all together in one big storage location. By doing so, you’ll always know when it’s time to buy new supplies, particularly if you come up with a new inventory system that will enable you to do that more easily.

Use free cloud storage services

Rather than printing and wasting cash on ink, paper, and maintenance, or investing money in saving your data on hard disks, it would be wiser to use free cloud storage services. As their CEOs take their users’ privacy very carefully, they would never give or allow access to your data to anyone else. You can rest assured that your data will be secured and available to you and your employees whenever you all are.

To ensure these strategies will succeed, share them with everyone in the office. Encourage every member of your team to implement a cost-saving mindset. If everyone is gathered around this objective, strategies will be simpler to adopt and maintain.