Key Tips for Running a Business from Home


When it comes to running a business from home, there really are a myriad of pitfalls and bad habits to avoid like the plague. While it may be much cheaper to run a business from your home office, you’ve really got to think about what you’re losing by no longer placing yourself in the workspace. On top of that, you’re losing the organisation, motivational factors and software and equipment that’s available from being part of a larger commercial business.

However, going it alone has a ton of benefits if you can manage your time and stick it out. Deciding your own hours, being completely in control of your own work life, not having to work under anyone else, etc. Running your own business from home can be a hugely rewarding thing, provided you approach it right. It can be a great investment to utilise a top business consulting agency, to help you keep on track with everything, and give you a second opinion that you’re doing everything right.

Because we know how hard working from home can be at times, we’ve compiled some tips for working from home, to help you through your work week, keep you focused, on-track and happy.

Know Yourself

This is the biggest point really. Knowing what you can do in one sitting, knowing whether you’ve been in one workspace too long, and need a change of scenery, knowing that you need to eat differently, or exercise more. You need to know what you need as a person to keep up work away from external influences. You need to manage yourself and see that your needs are met, because once your social life or romantic life starts falling away, or you become unfit or unhealthy, you’ll begin struggling with your home-run business.

Manage yourself like you would an employee. Give yourself breaks, set times to relax and be away from work and make sure you keep being social. It can be way too easy to stop being social with friends, family and partners when you work from home alone, but you need to prevent this to keep a happy work/life balance.

Be Organised

Make to-do lists, notes. Set reminders. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re not forgetting anything crucial. If you start letting the work slip by, you’re going to quickly find your business going up the creek.

Keep Your Word

Especially if it’s a small, one-man-run business. You effectively are your business, so any dealings you have with people need to be fantastic. You need to be reliable, dependable and solid, and if you aren’t you’ll lose customers, associates and partners. Maybe not immediately, but people will go cold and disinterested.

Don’t Sleep in Your Office

If your office is in your bedroom, move it. You should never, ever work where you sleep. It creates an unhealthy work/life balance that can make it incredibly difficult to switch off from work mode, or maintain motivation. It makes it way more overwhelming and all-important than it needs to be. You need breaks completely away from your work, and if your office is by your bed, that’s just not going to happen. Follow these tips for a great work/home balance, and your satisfaction in your job, and your home life will soar.