Key Tips to Create Stunning Slideshows


Everyone wants something appealing to their eyes and if you can come up with stunning slideshows, you can make some people tear-down as you narrate your story.  Every tall skyscraper had a foundation dug deep before the stories started. One thing leads to another progressively and gradual. That’s how a slideshow is. You have to create a story that even the novice can understand in case you want to advertise your business.

The connection is one major key that can make or collapse your business. In our digital era where you can make your business known to your customers through various means, you need to be creative in your production. Great companies have folded up by presenting a simple but awful advert that made their customers run.

You can never know the impact your company is making into the lives of your target audience until you mess up or become exceedingly stunning and outstanding. After you are sure that you have the best logo, the next thing you should think of is making photos or short videos using a great slideshow maker.

Studies have shown that social media marketing is increasingly becoming a popular method of advertising. But how do you make that slideshow stunning to the eyes of your target audience? Here are some tips:

  1. Think it first

This is an important tip that is the basis of having a great outcome. Visualize how you want you to want your audience and customers view your company. Here is where you brainstorm ideas and even the kind of software tool that you are going to use. If this is not thoroughly done, the slideshow will not be as stunning as you expect it.  Remember to use the best intro maker and anything that is not HD should not be part of your visualization.

  1. Being precise

Remember you want to communicate your information fast but understandable to your audience. This is where it is important to keep your slideshow short but sweet that you leave your audience with a suspense emotion. Let every photo take 3 to 5 seconds although this should depend on the length of the song.

  1. Choosing the right music

Chords have a way of exciting the emotions and moods of your audience. It is advisable that you choose your song according to the mood of your brand. It will be an awful thing to just throw in any music without considering the beatings and the mood it brings to your customers.  The music should be in such a way that it commands the attention of everyone when the sideshow starts playing. Be careful of the copyright too.

  1. Making it motional

There is always a connection between motion and emotion. This is where you choose the best transitions from one photo to another.  You can easily add video clips and animations too. This eliminates the boredom that can easily be created by a slideshow with similar transitions. It is advisable to use some of the templates that have been made by professional designers.

  1. Choosing the right software

Some slideshow software can be very crazy when it comes to hanging when you are presenting your slides. You need to carry out a thorough search so as to know the best software you can use in making your slides. If you can have the right software, you can be sure that you will also save much of your time. There are multiple software makers out there on the internet that can help you make a great slideshow. A little research will help.

  1. Using a tagline

This is just for spicing up things. It may not necessarily be a tag line, it can also be a quote that is famous that will catch the attention of your audience right from the beginning. The quote, of course, should relate to the content of the slideshow and perhaps reflect your brand. Remember this is an advertising strategy that can enable you to gain more relevance in the market than your competitors.

  1. Doing the replays to avoid any mistake

Sometimes you may not see something that you missed until you do some testing and replaying. This ensures that the slideshow is playing as expected. Ensure you adjust the brightness, volume, and even the positioning of your photos.


What else do you need to have very stunning slideshows? Of course, practicing will come into place. However, the above tips form the basis of all that you need to have a great outcome. Always remember that your brand must be well represented in any slideshow you make.