Kids can now talk to Einstein using a reimagined education app


The Einee app lets kids tease Einstein for failing at school, ask Donald Trump about the wall, or learn about Egypt from Cleopatra!

The app allows kids to talk to cartoon versions of famous real-life people. Einee is made to be goofy and fun. They can learn about the characters’ childhood, life in their days, and get to know people they never could before.

Einee is one of a few learning apps of its kind, created to help reimagine the school education.

“Most learning apps are so heavily focused on education that kids are repulsed. Which is why Einee is a play-first app meant to be fun and goofy. Education comes second, so that kids will naturally want to spend time with the app, unintentionally learning in the process. Einee is useful for inspiring kids, but also it helps them with their school education curriculum.” – explained Ilya, the founder of Einee.

Einee has six characters to choose from: Einstein, Cleopatra, Donald Trump, Leonardo Da Vinci, Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon Bonaparte. So there is plenty of knowledge for kids from history’s coolest characters to be found. Forget about those boring learning apps. It’s time that somebody took a step to reimagine the old-fashioned school education.

Previous achievements

This is the team’s third application. The first was Cityfé, an app that helps people to meet like-minded people in the city. The second was Vene, an dating app that helps break the awkward ice by using revolutionary pre-defined conversations at the start. Both of the previous apps have been acquired and are now being adapted into bigger brands.


Caught your attention and thinking of getting Einee for your kid or kids, or perhaps for yourself to have a little chat with Trump or Marilyn? Einee is available for iOS and Android.

iOS: Get Einee – Talk to Einstein for iOS

Android: Get Einee – Talk to Einstein for Android