Starting a blog or creating a website has become an easy task today thanks to WordPress CMS. There are multiple programming languages and environments available for building a website but I find WordPress as the most efficient platform.  WordPress is a free Content Management System available with ample features and offers customization possibilities.

You would be glad to know that creating a WordPress website is easy. If you want to bring your business online, you too can create a website in just a matter of a few minutes. Developing a website is not enough to drive sales and stand firm in the marketing competition. With an evolving digital landscape, marketing your content, products, and services is becoming a challenge for businesses. This is where you seek the help of a WordPress development company like Brainvire Infotech. They focus on customizing the features of your website and making it SEO-friendly to help your business reach a maximum number of audience.

In this blog, I am going to discuss some tips that can help you create an SEO-friendly website to gain a competitive advantage and consistent and reliable traffic.

Create SEO-Friendly URLs

This is the most basic and important link between your website and your audience. An easy-to-read and easy-to-comprehend URLs are friendly URLs.

An example of a friendly URL will be-

To make a user-friendly URL, never forget to add the main keyword in the URL. Always remember to create a short, concise, relevant and meaningful URL. In simpler terms, they should give an idea about your targeted website page to the users. Also, use hyphens to separate your keywords.

Not only does Google appreciates such URLs but also it is easy for the users to know the page you are directing them to.

Things you should strictly avoid-

  • Using special characters
  • Adding subdomains, unless necessary.
  • Adding uppercase letters to URLs.

Utilize WordPress SEO Plugins

Having the right set of WordPress plugins can help you grow your business. These additional assets will surely make your marketing task easier. All the WP plugins are designed to fulfil your requirements such as improving backlinks, contact form, improve the theme, metadata, image alt text and more.

Before adding plugins to your website, gain proper knowledge about them. You might want to add additional functionality to the website using numerous plugins. But adding too many plugins will increase the loading time of your website, making it look unprofessional.

Figure out your marketing needs, budget, knowledge, and skills and then add the plugins that fit your requirements.

Optimize Internal Linking

When you target another page of the same website domain through linking, it is known as internal linking. Internal links are mainly used for navigation. They help users to establish information hierarchy and spread link equity around websites.

You can establish a defined site architecture with the help of these links. Therefore, internal linking is very important for SEO ranking as it decreases the bounce rate from your website.

How can you make your website SEO-friendly through internal linking?

  • Link related articles with the help of keyword anchor texts.
  • Avoid adding irrelevant links.
  • Prioritize the links according to users’ needs.
  • Do not overload the site with links.

Pick a Search Engine Optimized Theme

You should know that your theme is one of the most important choices. The theme determines your site’s appearance and layout. It adds new functionalities which play a role in enhancing its SEO. Also, the theme that you choose should be well-customized else it can affect your website’s loading speed.

Therefore, when you pick a theme, choose the one that is SEO-friendly in order to improve your rankings and audience reach.

Modify the Permalink Structure

Permalinks are permanent links that target particular pages of your website, including blog pages, product pages, and services. These links are used for reference and link back to your website. Therefore, make the structure of the link descriptive and clear.

Choose from a number of options offered by WordPress that help you communicate the intention of the content. It is easy to change the permalink structure, just go to the site’s backend settings, then to permalink.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

We know how fast the mobile industry is growing because of all the ease and comfort it offers to the users. People only need a mobile and an unrestricted internet connection to get in touch with the business of their choice. If your WordPress website is not mobile-friendly, you are going to lose the maximum part of your audience.

How can you make your website mobile-friendly?

It’s easy to choose a WordPress theme that is responsive. This means that it should be accessible when operated through any device. Keep your content, pages and designs simple to grab maximum user attention to your responsive theme.

Is Your Website SEO-Friendly?

SEO services for ecommerce is a trend and target is to reach your target audience and drive sales. People use keywords to search for information about your brand. If you miss out on SEO, which is key to fruitful business development, then you are definitely missing out on a large number of your target audience.

We start a race to run forward not stay stagnant at the starting position. So, if you are developing a website for your business, make sure to optimize it for SEO. Utilize the above tips to make your website SEO-friendly and get more traffic on your site. You can also optimize the content, images, and metadata on your website. Start improving your site’s visibility now by implementing these strategies in the right manner.