Know How Our Digital Economy Will Grow In The Next 5 Years


If you don’t already know, the digital economy is a collective term used for all economic transactions that take place on the internet. It is also known as the internet economy or the web economy. With the process of globalization and the advent of technology, the traditional and digital economies are merging into one, creating a safe shop environment in India. 

We live in an era where our economy is based on computing and digital technologies. Essentially, it covers all the economic, business, cultural, and social activities that are supported by the internet and other digital communication technologies. The digital economy has three primary components, namely, e-commerce, e-business infrastructure, and e-business. 

In the last decade, India has seen a tremendous growth of digital platforms. But with advancements, there have also been vulnerabilities that need consistent tackling. Because people now can gain access to any information from the comfort of their homes, it has become challenging for businesses and organizations to cope with the data needs. 

With transactions taking place online in substantial amounts, safe and secure transportation and delivery of goods and services have also become a prominent concern. But organizations that offer safe shop India have ensured to provide transportation networks and warehousing facilities for e-business activities, keeping the economy flowing. 

How the New Digital Economy will Transform Business 

With online shopping becoming a thing, businesses have new opportunities to store, transport, and deliver the goods to the customers. With the likes of a safe shop company, warehousing and transportation needs have been met. Our digital economy will be positively influenced by how online businesses proceed. 

Nevertheless, a report suggests that India could become a trillion-dollar digital economy by the end of 2025. Currently, India has a $200 billion digital economy. India’s digital consumer base is rapidly growing and is the second-largest in the world. With growing customers, businesses are looking for a safe shop that can fulfil digital consumers’ needs without causing any delay. 

The rate of adoption of technology in India increased between 2013 and 2018, courtesy of Digital India, the government’s flagship program. Building on this foundation, India has the potential to upscale its digital economy in the coming five years. 

Practically, the nation could see a five-fold increase in its economic value via digital transformation. The government is aiming to represent opportunities for startups, local and global businesses, and innovators to invest in emerging technologies like a drone, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, in ways that are customized to the country’s requirements. 

Among the leading economies in the World, India ranks second as the fastest digitizing economy. With the adoption of the safe shop and similar business ventures, businesses can boost their capabilities to cater to maximum customers.

With the increase in warehousing needs, transportation needs, digital marketing practices, and more, India’s future digital economy could generate output and productivity to support 60 million jobs in 2025. 

But this can only be achieved with a combined effort of private, social, and government sectors.