Knowledge first financial leading education financial assistant


Knowledge First Financial is a financial company that has come to make it its paramount responsibility to manage schooling funds. Based in Canada, Knowledge First Financial has been the leading education financial assistant for over fifty years. Being a nonprofit foundation and having existed since 1965, the company now hosts more than 250,000 active clients. Knowledge First Foundation board of directors prides itself in moral values with emphasis on integrity, transparency and accountability to its customers. This goes a long way into ensuring that resources are fairly distributed so that students who need the funds dot miss out and those who can manage don’t get an unfair advantage.

What it’s about

The companies experience over the years has seen it pay out over $3.6 billion to clients. The main aim of the company is to put your child’s education first regardless of whatever financial crisis you may have. More than anything, the Knowledge First Financial administration aims to prioritize investment in the Canadian students success above all else by making savings from as early as possible.

Services rendered

Knowledge First Financial sends out sales representatives across the country to meet up with new and prospective clients. This is in the aim of making the learning curve all that much smoother. In light of these efforts, more parents have come to the realization of just how important investing in their children’s education really is. This is evident from the every growing number of parents taking advantage of services rendered.

The company offers a number of services that are targeted towards the streamlining of the Canadian post-secondary school student. Services are offered only to its client after validation of applications and background check.


Knowledge First Foundation understands the very real possibility of acquiring debts especially with university and college students. The foundation has therefore come up with had a scholarship plan for most of the gifted students. This is meant to help supplement the exceptionally bright students who may not for one reason or the other not be able to handle the finances. Over the years, the foundation has seen over $1.3 billion go into this venture and a great number of students getting assistance. Students who meet the academic qualifications necessary for the scholarships are shortlisted and successful applicants get their finances sponsored.

Payment enhancements

The foundation takes advantage of available net incomes to supplement students finances. this happens on an yearly basis where the foundation looks into the population of active student beneficiaries. with careful highlight into investment returns, the foundation is able to identify a fair way t distribute resources. This enables the foundation to further its objective of supporting the post secondary school scholars.


The foundations main objective is saving for post-secondary education. It is for his reason that the foundation offers a savings scheme where income earners can make savings the will over time guarantee the financial insurance of the student. These saving can be topped up by the foundation depending on various qualifications. Backed by government grants, this can prove very beneficial to the student especially those without a very strong financial base.

Why choose it

Knowledge First has become the best educational finance foundation in Canada mainly owing to its commitment to student educational needs. This has seen many students benefit from the program and go on to be successful. For guardians who may foresee financial tremors or even those wishing to have insurance on their children’s academic finances, investing through knowledge first foundation is the way to go. Given the numbers projected over the decades, it is a guarantee that this is a plan that will benefit scholars in unforeseeable ways.


Over the years, Knowledge First Foundation has built up a solid reputation that speaks to its importance. The foundation has made its primary objective to help the post-secondary education student pursue even higher heights of educational excellence. For this reason, the foundation has seen more and more clients subscribing to its services over the years. It is for this reason that i would highly recommend the foundation to any parent, guardian and student who set their educational excellence as a priority to themselves. Canadian parents should strongly consider Knowledge First Financial for the future of their children.