Latest New Features added to Android Nougat


Rumours about Android nougat release date were absolutely true. We have already seen the latest Android and updates has started to roll out to the Nexus devices. We have already heard a lot about Android N features and that now we can carry it out with the latest new Android N. We have seen that Google love the Android to be named with some or the other food items. The last update that was released by Google was Android Marshmallow and this time, it is named as android nougat. As for the rumors, there are many new features the Google has added to the new Android and those we are here to check the amount.

Google has started releasing the update for the latest smart phones. We came to know that this new update will likely to come to the most famous nexus phones. This is the reason why the other Android users will have to wait for some more time so that they can update their phone to the new Android. Still, we have the option to go through the newly added features.


When it comes to performance we have seen that Google has shown a lot of improvement with every update. This is the reason why we can still expect good amount of improvement in terms of performance with the new Android. The latest new Android has the new JIT compiler that helps in faster updating, VR mode and Vulkan API support like features are also added to the new Android. How these new features help in the improvement of performance.

Battery and data

When it comes to smartphones draining battery is the biggest problem we have ever seen. This is the reason why Google works on the battery performance at the time of releasing the new update. Data is yet another feature that everyone was to save and this is the reason why the new Android has got the new and updated data saver which restricts the background apps from using extra data.


The new Android has got a split screen mode which helps us in performing multitasking very easily. We also get picture in picture and the latest new feature of double tap so that we can quickly switch among the images. You can get Android N phones at good discount with Paytm coupons.


Google have also updated the notification system of the new Android. Now you can get bundled notifications and multiple notification control on the new Android. You even have the direct reply option show the notification from the lock screen.

System usability Improvement

The latest new Android has got the customizable quick setting option; the newly redesigned with setting bar, emergency information, lock screen wallpapers and re-designed settings. These update has been made so that the system usability of the user will be improved.

Security and privacy

As we all know, android is a Linux-based operating system. This is the reason why we consider it as the highly secure operating system for smartphones but still Google has updated the new Android with the latest new direct boot system, software updates for new devices, encryption and scooped folder access. All these new feature and have the security and privacy of the new Android.

Device setup and migration

Device setup and migration is the most important tool provided in the Android. This feature helps us set up the phone as per our use and as per our credentials. In the new Android, this new features are not covered under the backup.


The new Android has got multiple new languages new languages, local support and new language preferences.


Accessibility settings are the internal part of new Android setup. This lets you customize the display size, variable text to speech speed etc.

Android for work

This is the latest new feature new Android has got. With this new feature you can enable and disable the notifications from work apps.

All these new features have been added to the new Android and this really makes the new Android fast, secure, and highly reliable. The latest new update of this Android has been released for the Nexus phones. This is the reason why we would recommend you to keep your OTA enabled so that you get the update as it is pushed by Google.