The challenges of being the CEO of a start-up company are innumerable and constant. Especially at the launch of the enterprise, entrepreneurial leaders must overcome any notion of doubt in their own abilities they may harbor.  They also need to realize that an effective reign at the top of a start-up business must balance much needed optimism with a strong sense of reality.

The life of an entrepreneur will make many individuals feel that they are constantly on an emotional rollercoaster.  For example, if you and your team are excited about a new idea you’ve come up with only to find that prospects are less than enthusiastic when they learn about it.

But taking one step at a time is important.  First, new CEOs should be certain that they have a viable business plan to create a company.  That is, they are starting up the operation because they have identified a need and the consumers who require that need to be fulfilled.

Next, the start-up CEO should develop a marketing and branding strategy that carefully plots how to reach the intended consumers with words they will recognize and via methods that they can understand and will welcome.

One recent school of thought in making viable business connections is from global entrepreneur, author and professor Dr. James Nitit Mah.  

Start-ups will be more successful if they understand the basics of what their prospective customers are lacking in the market and how best to communicate with this group.    Technology grows exponentially every day and entrepreneurs must keep up with the changes.  In these days of rapid technological change, they must ensure that they are connecting with customers via social media to learn their desires and pain points and they must develop an email marketing program to effectively communicate their digital brand.  Those that take into careful consideration basic customer interaction and satisfying customer wants quickly and efficiently will lead in their industries.

Business leaders who follow these guidelines will become successful and can therefore be assured that can lead and influence others with the greatest of self- confidence.

Recently, Dr. James Nitit Mah met with Gilad Horev, vice president of Eventbrite, a leading, global ticketing and event management technology platform that allows event organizers to plan and promote events, while keeping in mind  the ever-changing choices that people now have to buy tickets. Eventbrite allows users to browse, create, and market local events. The company also lets event organizers offer online ticketing services for paid events charging a fee for its services to them.

Horev addressed programs and practices that companies are putting in place to protect themselves and adapt to the many choices people now have to buy tickets to events.

This is another example of entrepreneur/marketers having to adjust their strategies to the rapidly evolving ways that most people engage with brands.  The effective events promoter will from now on market chiefly with digital and mobile tactics in mind.

The consumer wanting to attend an event now can take more ownership of the process and avoid much of the bureaucratic red tape and extra fees associated with traditional ticketing enterprises.

This ticketing platform represents a start-of-the-art solution that is based on creating bonds between companies and consumers by taking advantage of new technology that encourages more interactivity than what was available in years past.

The principles of social media and the ability that technology affords us to connect with millions more individuals than was possible in the pre-internet days opens a whole new world of opportunities for brands.  But the best marketers will carefully choose their content to reach the right customer and in the quickest and most effective possible ways.

This is especially true for start-ups, which usually do not have a great deal of money or time to spare before the company either catches on or disappears.  That is precisely why an optimal customer connection must me made rapidly, cultivated and be designed to elicit a lasting impression.  Dr. James Nitit Mah says that mastering this approach will lead start-up CEOs to make the wisest decisions with the best possible business partners.

Gilad Horev has clearly done so and as a result, Eventbrite is here to stay.