Marketing strategy concept - many uses for company.

Grassroot marketing concept is prevailing nowadays. Let us understand more about this concept. To be begin with first understand from where the concept began. The grassroot concept began with a popular occupy Wall Street movement of 2011. The movement that began with small group of people inspired millions of people to clean the ugly practices of Wall Street.  Grass root movement is basically a political movement which affects a specific community, region or district by an ideology to do something better. Grass root marketing is same where the purpose of marketers is to influence a group of people and spread their message to large masses organically. It is considered as a low cost marketing.

The grass root campaigns are organized to influence intended audience who is the real motivation of the campaign. This marketing strategy is different from the traditional and popular marketing techniques such as email marketing or PPC campaign. The ultimate goal of such marketing is to attract more and more audience towards the campaign. The campaign aims to reach the grass roots or grounds of society that is the narrow group of society. If the campaign gets success then large mass of people reaches to it.

Reasons for choosing grass root marketing

Despite being low cost marketing technique, grass root marketing is overlooked for typical campaign such as PPC. Many brands don’t know its advantages thus it is highly important to know the reasons behind its effectiveness.

  • Small viable campaign– small and segmented audiences are targeted from such campaigns which is the reason it often preclude marketers to use them. However, this new opportunity is good for those looking to gain image among small and targeted audiences.
  • Cost-effective- with small targets comes low costs thus this technique is good for companies with limited budgets.
  • Capitalizes existing social trends– audience want direct interaction with companies that are socially responsive which is possible through the grass root marketing. Audience prefers them over the companies that ignore these trends. This is an effective and proactive approach to satisfy the social audience and influence their desire.

How to begin?

The two main focuses of this marketing campaign are intent and audience. The first step is to successfully analyze your targeted audience or niche audience. To analyze the niche audience go beyond the traditional definition and focus more on the worldviews and interests of the audience. Look for the issues your audience is passionate about such as the service or product. Marketers should have a solid understanding about the passions, emotions and inspiration of their audience.

The coolest thing about it that physically location is not boundary anymore, thanks to internet. Now, marketers can target their audience irrespective of the country and borders; connect to them on facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. But, simply connecting is not going to work, a better network handling and understanding of how to use the platform is also required.

Resonating content or issues should be considered to connect to the audience in a moment. Connect emotionally to those issues by sharing the resonating content. Generate empathy and emotions in the audience through skilled storytelling, pictures and videos.

Optimize the low cost marketing campaign

Engagement is the absolute key in grassroots marketing campaign. Whatever you do should be able to engage your audience which is possible only if it is user-friendly. So, to make an effective content you need to do the following checks:

  • Check for a visual element
  • Optimized for all devices

The content should be able to find able irrespective of the devices such as mobile, tablet or desktop. The content should ensure the better engagement of people. The first point is however the key. Such campaign relies on share ability of content. A good visual content of more often shared and ensure success. According to a study:

  • Relevant images in content attract 94% more views than those without images
  • This percent doubles the views across different categories and topics
  • 150% more re-tweets are ensured from tweets with images
  • 180% more engagement is observed for post with images
  • Visual content generate more back links

It means don’t skip the idea of generating visual content. We are wired for videos because we remember more when we watch content rather than reading it. However, not any ordinary video content has such effect on the audience’s brain. A real good content needs to be spread to make it go viral.

First job is to identify the audience and connect with them then create an engaging content. Then the content will be shared more among the audience and more and more will start engaging with your campaign.

Low cost marketing ideas for grassroots marketing campaign

 The question is how to do it? Have a look on some ideas that can help you in campaigning better next time or to your first campaign.

Emotional triggers

Emotions work better on leveraging the audience and to get most out of your message. However, the content or message should trigger positive emotions in the audience. Trigger empathy in your audience through a strong and powerful storytelling. Everything of the content right from the music to the flashes should trigger an empathy in the viewers.

Support a good cause

Videos or content that contain charitable and philanthropy content is more powerful when it comes to motivate. A major push from such videos comes from the desire to help. Thus campaigning for the organizations that rely on charities and donations is an excellent way to motivate or engage your audience.

Tear-off flyers

Many advertisers ignore the great effect of tear-off flyers and think that this is perfect of yard sales or guitar lessons. But, they have great impact on audience. They are moreover inexpensive to produce and great for business having local focus.

Flirt with controversy

Proper handling of content is crucial so make sure that you handle flirting with controversy correctly. It will boost your content and engage wider audience.

Lastly, grass root marketing is effective only when you understand audience and their issues better. So, utilize the power of these low cost marketing techniques and make success.