Learn with fun is possible with animated video


Learn with fun 

Animated videos are best medium to educate your kid. Many schools are using these learn with fun techniques. These techniques have very good impact on children’s mind. If you want to teach your kid about wild animals or their shelter you can choose animal videos for kids. These videos are animated videos. Combine effort and hard work of creative directors’ results as good animated animal video.  These Video creators need their one and only favorite tool webcam for this.  With help of this tool they can create any type of video. Lots of creators, editors, graphic designers’ writers and many other persons involve in a group and make animal videos for kids. This Group of professionals concentrates only on the interest of their biggest fan- small toddler.  To provide best educational videos to the little fans is min aim of animated film makers.

  • Every animal video for kids contain good introduction music. Sometimes very loud music or voice of related anima comes at the time of introduction. Kids amazingly view these videos. With help of these sounds they can easily recognize the voice of related animals. Songs of these types of videos are always very catchy and can easily attract any toddler.  Professional animated video makers provide 100% original and fresh sound effect on these animal video.
  • After this group of professionals make various sketches and drawings. And finalize the fascia feature of animals such as taking cat, mad elephant, dancing monkey or many more. Then all frames of sketches are assembled in video format. Creative directors make a sequence of these assembled frames to give it a form of movie.
  • Now by creating three-dimensional objects they put all assembled frames in proper sequence on it. After doing do some manipulation in the 3D properties of animated video and adding textures on character they complete the basic video structure. The textures are “dressing up” of the characters, or “decorating” the objects.
  • In next step all the characters of video and camera will put in the three dimensional space where video has been shoot.
  • At last step animators design a “rig” for each animal character or objects. These rigs are nothing but a sort of skeleton, providing character to control their movements such as running, roaring, jumping, giggling and many more.

With help of these animal video your kid starts recognize them easily. Learn with fun technique will help your kid to improve their mental growth.

TwistAnimation is digital art studio. We are creating animated 3D videos for more than 10 years. We create animated characters with unique and enchanting personalities. Tutitu TV is one of our animated video channels. At tutitu tv we have created a series of short videos to entertain our own children. The growing interest inspires us to create more quality toddler videos. We provide sing-along songs with videos to make it more interesting.