Living on a budget:

In these low economy times when finding a job is hard as those who already have one in losing their jobs because of recession, how can you fulfill the needs of your family? Saving is as important as earning. Every penny you have saved is every penny you have earned. Include all the members of your family in the mission to save money only then can you be financially safe.

  • Pack lunch for your family. It saves you a lot of money. Have you ever given it a thought on home much you are spending on lunch for your kids and yourself and your husband. You can cook nutritious meals at home and pack it up. You can save a minimum of $10-$15 every day. Instead of stopping by at the Starbucks on your way to the office, for your morning coffee. Drink it at home or carry it with you in a thermal wave. Many offices do serve free coffee. Make use of it.
  • Do you travel alone in your car to the office? Not only are you wasting the non-renewable energy, but also washing your money. It would be better if you carpool with your work buddies. You can save money and the environment as you will be burning less fuel.
  • If your office is on the way to your kid’s school. Why not drop them to school yourself. This way you even save up on their bus fees.

Living on a budget

  • Does everybody at home have a mobile phone? Well, most of them do these days. If each of you have one then why do you still have the land phone at home? You can save up a minimum of $100 on your land phone every month. Imagine how much you can save per year. Saving money from today disconnect it today. Apart from that you can also save by all the members of your family who owns a cell phone, shift to a family plan for monthly mobile phone charges. This way you can avail so many benefits. Save money and parents can exert control on their children’s cell phone usage.
  • A quarter of your monthly salary goes to the taxes and one half goes off to paying your monthly bills such as utility and phone bills. You can do nothing about the taxes and the phone bills you can avoid by using only mobile phones. Have you ever given a thought about your utility bills that have been draining your pocket. You can save a lot of money by saving up on electricity. This is how:
  • Turn off the lights and fans when you are going out.
  • Buy energy stared appliances. They might cost you a little more but you can save a lot of electricity by using them. Thus, save money too.
  • Use programmable thermostat instead of a regular one. This way you can control the temperature according to the weather outside.
  • Use dishwashers , washing machines only when they are full. You save power, money and water.
  • Follow these simple tips to save money and the environment, save money for yourself and the planet for your future generations